AEC District 2 Board of Directors candidate Michael Machado asks for your vote

Michael Machado. Courtesy photo

Michael Machado grew up in Rural America, started out in Carlsbad Ca, moved to Escondido, watched it change and moved to Anza. It’s been awhile since anyone has heard the phrase “started with a hundred bucks” but that is how Mike’s career as a business man started.

It is also said never go in business with Family, but Mike is not known for the status-quo, and today Mike is President and CEO of one of California’s oldest General Engineering Companies. Forty-three years to be exact, and still most of the family is either on the board of directors or works for Hydrascope engineering. In 1981 the family incorporated and the parent company was formed as MLI Corporation. In 1993 MLI Corporation bought Irontree Management Co, and Mike was elected to serve as President and CEO and still is. In total there are five companies involved that contribute to Anza’s Economy, and they are a significant player as a highly recognized employer, by Western Regional Builders, and Dunn on Brad street.

As anyone who has been a business owner can tell you it is not all fun and games, and if you are incorporated it can be a hill to steep to climb some days, but Mike has met those challenges by his continued education in Corporate Law, Engineering and Economics. Besides the obvious work load Mike has used his experience to help Community members on Government issues and Civil Rights and has contributed and helped community interests from the creation of Plans for the Boys and Girls Club to a complete infrastructure improvement project for Anza and the Territory. Mike has also been involved in the development of new laws to help the citizens of Rural America, not just at the county level, but State and Federal too. Currently Mike has two Rural American Bills in front of the NRECA.

Mike is a Rural America advocate and does not support uncontrollable growth, nor is an advocate for high density housing, to the contrary, because Mike has seen what uncontrollable growth looks like, the unparallel harm it can create on the environment and the quality of life to those who choose the rural lifestyle.

Mike’s Family has always shared a belief that one must give back to one’s community, Mike has done that and has gone further with his service to the membership of Anza Electric. It is an important job and great responsibility to be a Director say’s Mike. We should know it was Mike and three others that saved the Coop from bankruptcy once upon a time.

Mike has his wife Pamela and two sons Jake and Jack, Mike says he couldn’t do all this without his family and, that is probably true because we all know who is really in charge.

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