Idyllwild Library to host ham radio test for technician license

Idyllwild Library will be hosting a ham radio test Saturday Aug. 6 from 9 a.m. to noon. This is for the exam session only. Acquiring an FCC Technician license is the first step and that means passing an exam. MHRC licensing class is still undetermined but online study and online practice tests really get it done well.

Getting ready to take the test will take some time and effort but, as radio technology goes, the technician license exam is not deep. It really just consists of the basics intended to keep the beginner out of too much trouble.

To begin, get familiar with the exam by watching some online videos. Study the license exam material by taking online exams which grade you. Some folks choose to learn the material and some folks memorize the exam questions but most split the difference between the two.

The highest scores are claimed by those who rely on understanding the material as well as the memorization of material like frequency bands and power limits. The exam questions are selected randomly from an FCC question pool. The online tests operate the same way. Begin by having a look at the online practice exam sites listed below. Try one now:

Here is an online study guide and it is free: study-guide-v20.pdf

The ARRL Study Guide is unparalleled:

Dave Casler has excellent online study videos that are highly recommended. There are quite a few of these lectures. This is the fastest way to familiarize yourself:

Tom Pierce, an exam proctor, can be reached at (951) 808-3632 or further information about ham radio tests.

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