Dorland Arts Colony’s ‘Art Off the Walls’ exhibit enhances the Temecula Civic Center

Dorland Mountain Arts Colony Board Member Renee Cassese shows off her books with poetry and prose during the Art off the Walls exhibit at the Temecula Civic Center Friday, Feb. 2. Tony Ault photo

Local and regional artist gathered Saturday, Feb. 2 at the Dorland Mountain Arts Colony’s ‘Art Off the Wall’ exhibit and fundraiser in the Temecula Civic Center meeting room to show some of their latest art work and read excerpts of their poetry and prose.

Each of the 43 associate artists from the Dorland Arts Colony, which is located off state Route 79 just east of Temecula’s Wine Country, had the opportunity to give three-minute presentations of their art or writing. Many of Dorland associate artists are well known in the art world and delight in taking the opportunity to meet and greet other artists and those who appreciate art.

Temecula’s Art Off the Walls provides the opportunity for the associate artists to show and explain their pieces to the public and for the Dorland Mountain Arts Colony to share its mission to serve as a working retreat for regional, national and international artists. The retreat is located in a beautiful oak tree-covered, 340-acre foothill facility and has four cabins for artists to rent at a low costs and enjoy in the solitude and quiet of nature while they work. The nonprofit art colony and its Alliance of Artists from local communities hold many special events and fundraisers throughout the year to help defray costs for the artists’ visits, allowing the surrounding communities the chance to enjoy fine culture, the arts and theater.

For information about the Dorland Mountain Arts Colony and upcoming events, visit, find them on Facebook or call (951) 302-3837.

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