Does the Constitution matter anymore?

A newspaper editor recently wrote of the difficulty in finding a columnist expressing the constitutional viewpoint. I was impressed that he was making his way through the Federalist Papers and considered it a good read. Probably not as only one in 20 can identify what it is or how it came about. Today the Federalist […]

I like government ‘shutdowns’

We’ve had 19 government “shutdowns” since 1977, according to the Congressional Research Service. Some said the weekend “shutdown” which just passed may not be the only one this winter because nothing was resolved in the so-called “Schumer Shutdown,” which only extended funding for three weeks until Feb. 8, ironically that is what the Republicans first […]

Bundy justice: what price did they pay?

Some think that the Bundys got off scot-free when U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro dismissed cases against Cliven, sons Ammon and Ryan and co-defendant Ryan Payne and accused their prosecutors, the government, of willfully withholding evidence from Bundy lawyers in violation of the Brady v. Maryland ruling and thus denying them due process. She referred […]

The rich pay almost all federal income taxes

How many times have I heard said, “The rich need to pay their fair share?” But they already pay almost all of the federal income taxes while the “poor” receive government checks. A quick check with the Congressional Budget Office reveals that the top 20 percent of wage earners pay over 90 percent of all […]

Why the Bundys walk from prosecution a third time

In jury after jury but few of the hundreds engaged in what has been dubbed the Battle of Bunkerville have been prosecuted in a historic confrontation between the federal government and its citizens over western land. A confrontation which at its peak had government snipers aimed at the unarmed Bundy family, and friends of the […]

The Constitution deals with sexual abuse in Congress

According to the media members of Congress of both major political parties are dropping like flies to a fly-swatter in a barn: Sen. Al Franken, Congressmen John Conyers, Ruben Kihuen, Blake Farenthold, Joe Barton, Trent Franks, Alcee Hastings, in the last 30 days. All are accused of sexually abusing women, some recently, some years ago. […]

Trump supports the Constitution by reducing national monuments

“Some people think that the natural resources of Utah should be controlled by a small handful of very distant bureaucrats located in Washington,” President Donald Trump said, speaking at Utah’s State Capitol, Dec. 3. “And guess what? They’re wrong.” He proceeded to reduce two national monuments in Utah. One, the Grand Staircase-Escalante, was created by […]

Climate change theories affect political party science

Have you ever wondered why respected scientists of both major political parties see climate change so differently, one party viewing the future with great fear and trepidation while the other calmly views it as normal and natural? The one claims their position to be “established science;” the other responds “we have seen this before.” One […]

Roy Moore, the judge that followed the Constitution

I too am troubled by hearing that 32-year-old man attempted to seduce a 14-year-old-girl 38 years ago and that this man became a U.S. senator, as concerned as I am with allegations of “me too” from women alleging something similar. Thus far documentation on these reports is not conclusive. And I question the timing – […]

Armed law-abiding citizens are not considered the enemy in Texas

By now everyone knows about the citizen heroes that brought down the heinous Texas gunman that massacred 26 worshippers and wounded another 20 people as they attended church Sunday morning, resulting in the largest mass murder in Texas history. What has not been emphasized is that those numbers would have been much higher had the same thing happened […]

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