Thanksgiving, Not Just Turkey Day

Our first Congress wanted a national day of “thanksgiving and prayer, to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favors of Almighty God, especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness.” Congress directed George Washington to select such a day in […]

Yes, states can refuse Syrian refugees

More than half of the states, as of last report, have placed restrictions on Syrian Refugees entering their states until the federal government can show a better screening program to insure that our Muslim sympathetic president has screening programs in place to screen out potential radical Islamic extremists.  Most of the states came on board […]

The best place to study gun issues is Chicago

Every scientist looks for the best place to study his targeted phenomenon—tornadoes in the Mid-West, hurricanes in the Caribbean, ice thinning in the Artic or thickening in the Antarctic.  For gun issues this would be Chicago because it is the murder capitol of the United States and the handgun is the favored killing instrument and […]

Constitutionally the House cannot select a non-member Speaker

Perhaps by the time this column is published a new Speaker of the House will have been selected and the issue resolved, for now. At present, with no member of the House wanting the job, the idea of having someone not presently a member selected by the House of Representatives is seriously being considered. Such […]

What Kevin McCarthy did to Kevin McCarthy

The fact that my congressman, Kevin McCarthy, could not secure 218 Republican House votes to replace Speaker John A. Boehner, after virtually being nominated by him, did not surprise me—he earned it.  He is an extremely likeable fellow and certainly a leader but he has two flaws that came to hurt him.  McCarthy is first […]

Allow teachers to protect their students and themselves

One of the revelations that surfaced from the Umpqua Community College Massacre, the worst in Oregon history, was that the deranged gunman, (I join others in refusing to name the killer giving him desired publicity) carried enough rounds of ammunition to kill dozens more. What stopped him?  He decided to kill himself when confronted with […]

Media paranoia over government shutdown

The fear generated by media use of the words “government shutdown” is amazing. The hysteria peddlers using this terminology, and the media that purposely play to it, must know these two words emit such an extreme emotional response. It appears designed to frighten the least informed against the other political party, thus the terminology. It […]

Where Was the Constitution in the Debate?   

Eleven debaters gathered at the Reagan Library September 16, to share their plans and visions for our future.  Each extolled the virtues of Ronald Reagan and claimed to be more Reagan-like than any of their competitors.  Countries discussed included Russia, Iran, China, Syria and Israel.  And topics seen to be most important were mostly centered […]

The Progressive Movement and the Constitution

We have spent some time on how the Progressive Movement hurt our black communities and how some of their leaders have provided solutions to rescue their people — not the race baiters selected by the media to be the only black voice, like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. Their common message, “Blacks are worse off […]

Black solutions for black problems

We recently looked at the well-meaning progressive policies of the last 50 years, notably welfare, that have done much to return our black brother to a slavery of dependence and seemingly to set our black communities on fire driven mostly by angry black young men who have turned first on their own race then on […]