Have we returned blacks to slavery?

Harold Pease Ph. D Columnist Ferguson, Detroit, Baltimore and now the willful unloading by an angry black man of 15 bullets into a Texas deputy who was innocently fueling his automobile. Each seemingly has one thing in common – pent up anger directed first at their own race and now at law enforcement. “Black lives […]

Birthright citizenship does not exist in the Constitution

Amazingly presidential candidate Donald Trump is right; birthright citizenship does not exist in the Constitution. The establishment media, including Fox News, jumped all over Trump like a swarm of Africanized honey bees over a pot of honey, attempting to portray him as ignorant on the Constitution. Although he may be on many other things, he […]

Scouting Files Show a Pattern of Molestation

A couple of weeks ago The Boy Scouts of America Executive Committee unanimously approved allowing gay adults to serve as leaders.  The reason given, “the rapid changes in society and increasing legal challenges at the federal, state and local levels.”  Gays have argued that the Boy Scouts of America “stood as a towering example of […]

Let the Hunger Games begin: The 2016 presidential election

Actually the games have been going on for some time as they do every four years when the mega rich essentially elect our president through their super packs and media outlets. The “game” part of the process is how it is done causing the people to believe that they choose their president when they do […]

United States Constitution would defeat the Iran Treaty

Hundreds of articles and broadcasts recently have been written or aired posing the question, “Should Congress pass the Iran Deal?” All demonstrate a lack of constitutional knowledge and the establishment media, ignorantly or knowingly, omits the constitutional perspective in the proposed Iran Treaty, which we give here. Were the Constitution actually used as intended by […]

States must use the Constitution to save the Constitution

When the Supreme Court no longer rules by the Constitution what must states do to force them to do so?  It is called nullification and previously has been used to do just that in the 1800s and more subtly in the last two decades. Recent Supreme Court rulings with respect to the Affordable Care Act […]

Judicial Legislation, Again

Two years ago 28 states (more than half) sued the federal government for exceeding its power by forcing the mandate that everyone in the United States buy health insurance or pay a stiff fine.  The Affordable Care Act survived as constitutional when Chief Justice John Roberts redefined the mandate as a tax (an argument consistently […]

The Supreme Court defies the Constitution on Same-Sex Marriage

By Harold Pease, Ph. D The outcry against five justices who, abandoned Christian law as articulated in the Bible (the judaeo-christian code was the bases of the Constitution and our culture), all constitutional law prior to the 14th Amendment to the Constitution in 1868, and the vast majority of her present citizens, making something legally […]