Should we fear Operation Jade Helm?

  Military Operation Jade Helm 15 is billed as the largest peacetime military exercises in 60 years, although no one can remember one larger, or one involving more civilians. Wartime yes, FDR incarcerated over 110 thousand Japanese Americans in World War II. Thousands of troops including America’s greatest: the Navy Seals, the Army Rangers, the […]

The Tea Party and some Democrats oppose Trans-Pacific Partnership

Many are still ignorant of the coming to fruition, after a decade of numerous secret meetings, a huge trade agreement known as the Trans Pacific Partnership or TPP, first initiated under George W. Bush in 2005 and now pushed by Barack Obama, “which, when finished, will govern 40 percent of U.S. imports and exports” and […]

What billionaire buys your vote for president?

If you are a liberal publication or news outlet, which is all the major networks excepting Fox News, you want your followers to know that the Koch brothers, Charles and David, unduly fund Republican Party candidates and causes on the right side of the political spectrum. Liberal newspapers, including almost all big city newspapers and […]

Hillary Clinton after Whitewater

The last few months have been full of Hillary intrigue; most recently her use of her own home server to house some of our most sensitive national security secrets as Secretary of State in opposition to the Federal Records Act.  Now the Clintons’ report it to have been wiped clean (perhaps yet another scandal) presumably […]

Delving into Hillary’s past

Hillary Clinton’s refusal to use government secured servers and a government email address, opting instead for her own unsecured home server as Secretary of State, is now criticized by Democrats and Republicans alike. Did she not know, or worse care, that as Secretary of State every enemy, terrorist, or even sometimes-friendly countries would attempt to […]

The case that could bring down Obamacare

By Harold Pease, Ph. D. Special to the Anza Valley Outlook In the case referred to as King V. Burwell, Virginia plaintiffs consisting of four taxpayers and three employers, have sued the federal government over the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare.  A favorable ruling by the Supreme Court could end Obamacare in 34 states. […]

Republican traitors?

The New York Daily News, March 10, unleashed a firestorm with its front-page depiction of the 47 Republican U.S. Senators who signed a letter to Iran reminding it that Iran’s agreement with President Barack Obama still had to be reviewed, and approved by them. In giant letters crossing the bottom of the page was the […]

Don’t mess with the internet

It is difficult to say what mans’ greatest crowning technological achievement has been but it is likely the Internet, which emerged and operates without a central governing body—just like most everything in a free society.