Trump Saves U.S. from the trans-Pacific Partnership

For readers who do not understand the international trade deals of the last 25 years, notably NAFTA, GATT and TPP, you will never fully grasp what President Donald J. Trump has just done for the Constitution and against the proponents of globalism. In his first day in office, pulling the United States out of the […]

Use the Constitution to recover confiscated state land

Utah stands out among states in two ways; in its desire to retain public land not given it when it became a state and in using original intent to interpret the Constitution, but her leaders do not understand the Constitution well enough to see that the Constitution already corrects the problem if used as designed. This […]

States nullifying National Defense Authorization Act “Indefinite Detention” growing

The National Defense Authorization Act funding national defense and updated every December, despite a few modifications, continues to “require the military to hold suspected terrorists linked to al-Qaida or its affiliates, even those captured on U. S. soil, indefinitely” and without trial, on the say so of the military through the president alone. Moreover, even […]

The New Year brings the 5th anniversary of National Defense Authorization Act or the “Indefinite Detention” law

On Dec. 31, 2011, New Year’s Eve, President Barack Obama signed into law the most constitutionally damaging law in American history, the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012. This New Year’s Eve is its 5th anniversary. Previous annual appropriations bills funding national defense were mostly procedural. However, the addition of two sections buried deep within […]

Taxing Christmas: A satirical look ahead

The country is now almost 20 trillion dollars in debt.  Many erroneously believe that the only way to solve this problem is to increase taxes rather than to cut spending.  Judging by extreme laws passed and proposed in recent years, including the 15 percent Christmas Tree Tax unsuccessfully advocated by President Obama in 2011, a […]

California uses Nullification Doctrine to protect illegals

American cities are in rebellion.  Since the election of Donald Trump, mayors have lined up by the dozens and announced that they will not assist the federal government in the deportation of illegals.  Universities followed, declaring themselves off-limits to federal law.  None of this is protected by the Constitution.  But now California is using the […]

The ‘Overmedicated Syndrome’ in Trump’s first month

Doctors assess ailments, maladies and sometimes offer prescriptions. I feel very comfortable in doing the same with respect to the unanticipated Trump election as president and the resultant reaction of Clinton supporters, many Independents and Republicans who also did not like Trump. My diagnosis is called the “overmedicated syndrome.” We all witnessed a drastic mood […]

The ‘real’ election of the president has not yet happened

Those who understand the Constitution know that the election of the president does not actually happen until December, this year the 19th, and never in November. They also know that a popular vote has never been legitimized by the Constitution or any amendment to it. In fact, the people as individuals are actually excluded. We have discussed […]

Thank God we have the Electoral College

California U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer threatens measures to end the Electoral College, as has someone every presidential election.  Those in this camp prefer the popular vote but without the College a close race would make the election far less settled and result in massive civil unrest perhaps even civil war.  Thank God we have the […]