Community Hall Board hears update on Hall renovations

Community Hall Board hears update on Hall renovations

ANZA – A working meeting of the Anza Community Hall Board of Directors, held March 29, was held to disseminate information to the board about the progress of the improvements at the Anza Community Hall, according to a press release issued by board President Noel Donahue. “There had been some unexpected delays from the Grantor, […]

ConnectAnza promises to protect member information

ANZA – President Donald Trump signed Senate Joint Resolution 34 into law April 3. The resolution was sent to Trump just three weeks after having passed both houses of Congress on a strict party line vote; the bill was first introduced in the Senate by Jeff Flake, R-Ariz. The resolution removes the internet privacy rules […]

Anza Valley Artists hold successful rummage sale fundraiser

Anza Valley Artists hold successful rummage sale fundraiser

The Anza Valley Artists held a successful rummage sale fundraiser at the Anza Swap Meet held outside of the Community Hall Saturday. April 1. AVA President Rosie Grindle, members Donna and Carl Gage, Merrie Kraatz and Susan Gonzales doted on shoppers and provided wonderful deals on the donated items. From Christmas decorations, figurines, jewelry, boots and utensils to lamps, collectibles, […]

Is the ‘Deep State’ constitutional?

Recent revelations, notably the March 8 WikiLeaks dump of over 9,000 emails, is reportedly a dump far larger and worse than the Edward Snowden revelations in 2013. A dump disclosing potential spying of Americans by their own television sets, whether on or off, or by their automobiles. Sophisticated cyber technology “beyond what Snowden could have imagined,” […]

Board Opposes Governor’s Plan to Increase County’s Share of Medicaid Costs

RIVERSIDE – The Board of Supervisors have authorized a letter to legislative leaders appealing for opposition to the governor’s proposal to shift a greater share of in-home supportive services costs to counties in the next fiscal year, potentially forcing Riverside County to slash funding for other programs to cover IHSS. The board without comment during […]

Eagle watchers Count 12 Bald Eagles in Inland Empire

SAN BERNARDINO – The last bald eagle count of the winter was conducted by citizen scientists and local Federal and State biologists around several lakes in the southern California Saturday, March 11. The clear skies and lack of wind made it a perfect day for counting eagles!  Over 200 participants scanned the sky, tree tops and […]