Hamilton High School looks to 2016

Dave Farkus Hamilton High Principal As we enter our second semester, Hamilton High is excited to build on our momentum from a productive first semester. Thus far, our school programs have yielded positive results toward our school goals. Our after school tutoring and BARR program have provided support for students in all content areas. We […]

Did a Storm Damage Your Tree?

ANZA – Winter storms cause tremendous stress and severe damage to trees in the urban forest. Snapped or downed trees should be removed, but what about a tree that only suffers minor damage? How can a homeowner tell if a tree is safe enough to keep? Assessing the damage Minor damage – with only the […]

Anza Station 29 Firefighters ready for new El Niño threats

“We have some of our guys ready and trained in swift water rescue,” Station 29 Fire Captain Hans Bolowich said Jan. 13 as a series of new El Niño rains were anticipated for the week. “Fortunately, there have been no major incidents related to the recent rains but we remain cautious,” the fire captain said. […]

Local families needed for exchange students

ANZA – International Fellowship is seeking local host families for international high school boys and girls. These students are 15 to 18 years of age and are coming to this area for the upcoming high school year or semester.  These personable and academically select exchange students are conversant in English, bright, curious and anxious to learn […]

What to expect

What to expect

Robert Williams Columnist Last article I explained my death experience. So what would you expect, if you were a theologian in good standing with the church? Exactly! When people experience death they acquire the highest state of awareness, every facet of life seems to change. Individuals who work their way back from death experience are […]

Perris Lake, Lake Hemet bald eagles counted

SAN BERNARDINO – U.S. Forest Service and State biologists with volunteers at Lake Perris and Lake Hemet reported seeing four bald eagles during a one hour Bald Eagle Count Saturday, Jan. 9. The biologists and 64 volunteers from neighboring communities set up binoculars, telescopes and cameras at the lake sites to observe the protected birds, […]

Your life in photos

Your life in photos

Every week, the Anza Valley Outlook gives locals the opportunity to share their captured moments with others. From birthday parties and graduations, to landscapes and wildlife, Anza Valley Outlook is looking for photos of all sorts and the stories that go with them. Those who would like to submit a photo(s) with an accompanying caption(s) […]

Governor Brown nominated for 2015 ‘Luddite Award’ for vetoing RFID tags in driver’s licenses

WASHINGTON – The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation has announced 10 nominees for its 2015 Luddite Award and California Governor Jerry Brown was on the list. The annual “honor” recognizes the year’s most egregious example of a government, organization, or individual stymieing the progress of technological innovation. ITIF nominated the governor because he vetoed a bill […]

2016 tax season opens Jan. 19 for taxpayers   

WASHINGTON – Following a review of the tax extenders legislation signed into law the week before, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced Dec. 21 that the nation’s tax season will begin as scheduled Tuesday, Jan. 19. The IRS will begin accepting individual electronic returns that day. The IRS expects to receive more than 150 million […]

Anza VFW Post #1873 and its Auxiliary

I hope we had the rain and snow last week that the weatherperson predicted. I’m glad we don’t live in Missouri or the other southern states that were inundated. That much rain is beyond my comprehension. I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose everything, as well as family or friends. I guess […]

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