The 90 pounder

Years ago I had the opportunity to work on a construction crew refurbishing some of the freeways in this great state. Part of what we did was to remove and replace the concrete under the freeway underpasses. Because of the ground movement here in California the concrete under the underpasses would buckle and break and […]

The Crane

Many years ago I actually lived in a city for a while. Back then times were hard, finding a job was hard but one afternoon I ran into a young man whose father was looking for a worker. The job was working as a roustabout. A roustabout is someone who does anything that is required […]

Just wondering

Sometimes I think, which usually has the effect of confusing me further, but lately there are just some things that I don’t understand. I can remember back in the days of the moon launch that we pretty much trusted what the scientists had to say; maybe it was because they were actually doing something instead […]

Resident lion

Not too long ago I had the opportunity to live in a small RV park in Anza, California. To say that some of the residents of the park were colorful would probably be somewhat of an understatement but on the whole I found it to be a rewarding experience. I became friends with a wonderful […]

Young dog, Old dog

Being somewhat long of tooth, that is to say getting up there in years, I have had occasion to be fortunate in life to be the owner of a number of dogs. I know that there is a saying that a dog is man’s best friend; I guess that really depends on how much of […]

Cleaning house and other duties

One of the hardest things I have had to learn was house cleaning. It took me years to understand that there are simple rules that if you are able to remember them are quite useful in this time-honored art. First, keeping carpets clean. If your friends enter the door, take one look inside and immediately […]

Tastes like chicken

I know that over the years I must have heard at least a hundred things that are supposed to taste like chicken. Rattlesnake, iguana, crocodile, possum, armadillo, you name it. It seems that if it has no identifiable and distinct taste of its own, the chicken gets blamed for it. Recently I heard about one […]

The worm

Years ago I had the opportunity to work in the oil fields. I hired on to work as a roughneck. Now the term roughneck is a general term used for a lot of positions around a drilling rig, but the starting off position is “worm.” The worm does the really nasty hard brutal work around […]

Old men and old cars

Years ago in Anza, California, when I was about 10 years old, I bought my first car. It was a 1950 Ford, my brother and I raced it around in a circle in the field where we lived. Now part of having a car meant that if it broke or got flats you had to […]

Twice as big

In Anza, California, there are some varieties of animals. This variety extends to even some of the same species, for example there are two different types of quail in different parts of what I will call Anza. There are the valley quail which are most prevalent and then there are the mountain quail. Recently, I […]

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