Queens Honey

Years ago in Anza, California, I had an occasion to work in the hills south of Hemet. It was a job that would only last two weeks but as it turned out time would mean nothing. On the first day I and a friend of mine started out to the job. As we traveled up […]

The case of the snake

Years ago in Anza, California, I had an occasion to be sitting with a friend on a couple of chairs at the back of my home enjoying the afternoon. This elderly friend of mine and I were conversing as usual about nearly everything from cloud patterns to the United States state of affairs. As we […]

Cunning coyotes teach lessons on hunting

Years ago in Anza, California, I had several occasions to observe the antics of our local coyotes. I remember as a youth (about 12 years old), I was out hunting rabbits with my 410 shotgun. I was in a field next to the road (now Hwy. 371) in those days there was nothing but open […]


Years ago in Anza California as a child I was warned about snakes. My father taught me about them and to this day I think he was wise in his teachings. He told me that not all snakes are bad. He said around here son, we have all kinds of snakes. Gopher snakes, black racers […]

A ‘Watcha Call It’

Long ago in Anza California, I as a kid saw what I thought was a beautiful tree. Was it a tree or a tall bush? I said it was a tree because it sometimes grew to 15 or so foot tall. I really liked the look of the tree. It had a long curvy trunk […]

Dogs, Cats and Grandkids

As we go through life it sometimes becomes apparent that things change. When I was a kid and I wanted to have a drink of milk I opened the refrigerator took out the milk carton, smelled the milk and if it smelled all right, then went ahead and drank it although, sometimes as I was […]

The fastest motorcycle in the world

It was sometime in the 1970’s that Suzuki motorcycle company came out with a 750cc, three cylinder, two stroke motorcycle that could go 134 miles per hour in a quarter of a mile – it was in the world book of records that year as the fastest production motorcycle in the world – and my […]

Meat, potatoes and refrigerators

I don’t know if it was my mother’s insistence that I eat those tasteless yellow and green things on my plate or maybe the woman at child care that forced coleslaw down my throat, probably none of the above. I believe that I have evolved or maybe devolved into what some call a meat and […]

An old man and the mountain

I sat outside my house overlooking the valley enjoying the cool evening breeze. Gazing at Santa Rosa Mountain I thought to myself I have been to the top of that mountain, to its very peak. I have walked and road horseback down the canyon. I have swum in waters in caves that are now long […]


I have had what I consider to be the God given pleasure to be able to live in Anza, California, most of my life and considering my currant age that’s a long time. I have seen many changes in this country, people coming and people going. Businesses coming and going. I have seen ventures of […]