A ‘Watcha Call It’

Long ago in Anza California, I as a kid saw what I thought was a beautiful tree. Was it a tree or a tall bush? I said it was a tree because it sometimes grew to 15 or so foot tall. I really liked the look of the tree. It had a long curvy trunk […]

Dogs, Cats and Grandkids

As we go through life it sometimes becomes apparent that things change. When I was a kid and I wanted to have a drink of milk I opened the refrigerator took out the milk carton, smelled the milk and if it smelled all right, then went ahead and drank it although, sometimes as I was […]

The fastest motorcycle in the world

It was sometime in the 1970’s that Suzuki motorcycle company came out with a 750cc, three cylinder, two stroke motorcycle that could go 134 miles per hour in a quarter of a mile – it was in the world book of records that year as the fastest production motorcycle in the world – and my […]

Meat, potatoes and refrigerators

I don’t know if it was my mother’s insistence that I eat those tasteless yellow and green things on my plate or maybe the woman at child care that forced coleslaw down my throat, probably none of the above. I believe that I have evolved or maybe devolved into what some call a meat and […]

An old man and the mountain

I sat outside my house overlooking the valley enjoying the cool evening breeze. Gazing at Santa Rosa Mountain I thought to myself I have been to the top of that mountain, to its very peak. I have walked and road horseback down the canyon. I have swum in waters in caves that are now long […]


I have had what I consider to be the God given pleasure to be able to live in Anza, California, most of my life and considering my currant age that’s a long time. I have seen many changes in this country, people coming and people going. Businesses coming and going. I have seen ventures of […]

Measuring a fish

Years ago in Anza California I had an occasion to run into a fella from Texas. He was a good man, easy going and hard working. We’ll call him Ted for no particular reason. Ted, I found out was as honest as the day was long and would gladly give you anything he had if […]

Red oak and mud

Years ago in Anza, California, I as well as many others made a living from cutting wood and selling it. To some folk I guess this may sound like and easy and even romantic way of making a living. It’s not. If he works real hard a man can cut wood from a tree into […]

My Road

Years ago in Anza, California, there was a ranch located at the bottom of a canyon adjacent to Anza. The road to this ranch meandered down the canyon. It was a dirt road naturally and the people that owned the ranch used their old Ford tractor to somewhat maintain it. Once a year, in the […]

$100 Nash

Years ago while living in Anza California I owned a little car, now I’m talking about a LITTLE car. It was a pink and white Nash Metropolitan. I know a lot of the current readers probably have never heard of such a car suffice to say it seated two people (kind of). In those days […]