ANZA VFW Post #1873 and its auxiliaries

Well, my husband’s caution about eating raw okra has been shot down. My friend Carolyn came over, saw the freshly picked okra on my counter and asked if she could have one. She proceeded to chomp it down. She said she’s been eating it that way since she was a child. I’m still not willing […]

VFW Post #1873 and its auxiliaries

Our garden is going great. The zucchini is mass producing, so tonight, diners will be enjoying stir fried zucchini. The red & yellow bell peppers are huge and the tomatoes and okra are producing well. My son dug up the potatoes and we’ve been enjoying them. Some of them are pretty small, but great to […]

Anza VFW Post #1873 and its auxiliaries

Our garden is doing fairly well. I had quite a few zucchini, so folks at last Friday’s dinner got stir fried zucchini. They were a hit last year too. The red & yellow bell peppers are coming along nicely, as are the tomatoes, potatoes and, I hope, the okra. The corn isn’t as high as […]

Anza VFW Post #1873 and its auxiliaries

A big thanks to everyone who attended our Cure Cancer Fundraiser. It was a big success. A heads up! We’re having another Auction Night on Thursday, August 18 at 6 p.m. Be sure any items you bring are clean and in working condition. Our garden is coming along. However, mice just about demolished our second […]

Anza VFW Post #1873 and its auxiliaries

I would first like to take space to congratulate the new officers who were installed on June 4. They are: Post Commander Lenton Garrison, Men’s Auxiliary President Bob Love, and last, but far from least, Women’s Auxiliary President Virginia McCallister. At times their jobs can be thankless, so it would be great if you would […]

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