Don’t call Jackie a ‘rock star’

You must know that there are a lot of people in addition to the artists that contribute their skills and efforts to building the local music community and our readers deserve to hear those perspectives. So this week I am interviewing Jackie Findl the Studio/Booking Manager for The Underground Recording Studio. Since Jackie has been […]

Tenaja Falls offers easy access, waterfalls and views

Okay, so finally, after procrastinating for way too many weeks, I finally went out and found the secluded watering hole that is Tenaja Falls. As it turns out, it is really easy to get to. It’s only about a six-mile drive from the I-15 and the roads taking you to the trailhead are all paved. […]

A conversation burns red (part two)

Valley News: In the song “Black Sheep” you have some pretty intense lyrics. What is the jail cell you speak of? (“What was once your life is now lifeless/What was once your life is now your jail cell…”) Matt Greiner: It’s about a person who left behind a lot of potential, who left behind something […]

August Burns Red interview – part 1

August Burns Red is playing Showcase on Sat with Evergreen Terrace, The Warriors, Casey Jones, and Underminded. Check us out for the August Burns Red interview! THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION – If you feel that you have something to add, or you want to be a part of this work in progress, don’t be […]

Spaceman Jack breaks up

After their five-year mission of boldly going where no band has gone before – musically speaking – Spaceman Jack is breaking up. July 14, they played their last show at the Trevi Entertainment Center in Lake Elsinore. Their last show sounded far from a death rattle; they were loud, precise and energetic. Valley News caught […]

Braynard bound for Coast Guard Academy

Katie Braynard, daughter of Nathan and Laura Braynard, has accepted a full appointment to the Coast Guard Academy. The 2006 graduate of Temecula Valley High School will report to the New London, CT, facility on July 3 for seven weeks of basic training before classes begin in September. “I always wanted to go into the […]

Supervisor Stone seeks high school students for youth council

Supervisor Jeff Stone is recruiting high school students interested in joining the Third District Youth Advisory Council for the 2006-07 school year. The council is part of the Riverside County Youth Commission, empanelled by the Board of Supervisors in January 1998 to offer advice on youth-related issues. To serve, students must attend high school and […]