‘The Dark Knight’ not an ordinary action film

‘The Dark Knight’ not an ordinary action film

As of the writing of this review, “The Dark Knight” has set new records for ticket sales, with 22 million having seen the film this weekend alone. But on the off-chance that you, the reader, aren’t one of those millions and millions, I’ll give you a warning: you will walk out of this film exhausted; […]

‘Hellboy II’ delivers bang for your buck

‘Hellboy II’ delivers bang for your buck

They say that sequels are never as good as the original. I don’t think that’s true; there are plenty of film sequels that were as good if not better than the first – I’d give an example if I could think of one. Unfortunately, and much to my dismay, in the case of director Guillermo […]

‘Magic Fire’ showing next month

VISTA — Moonlight Stage Productions will present “The Magic Fire,” a memory play set in 1950s Buenos Aires, November 1-18 at the Avo Playhouse. Fallbrook resident Paul Borque is a member of the cast. “The Magic Fire” concerns a family of Austrian/Italian immigrants who find themselves trapped in the fascist system of Juan Perón and […]

Just one more trail and then were outta here

We have been out here in Tenaja for weeks on the Get Out page, so I promise this is the last trail we are going to talk about and then we are out of here until next spring when we cover the Santa Rosa Plateau vernal pools. I checked the vernal pools out over the […]

Fisherman’s Camp Trail

So, last week, when I introduced you to the secluded watering hole called Tenaja Falls, I saw some other trails on the trailhead map that definitely looked like they were worth checking out. The place I wanted to explore, Fisherman’s Camp, is about two miles south of Tenaja Falls. I didn’t remember ever seeing a […]

FRIDAY, August 17

FRIDAY, August 17 All Ages Shows □ Cuppy’s Coffee: Machines Make Noise, Vast Atlantic, Nick Hanks Jazz Combo, Serene Illusion, Bremman Court 7p.m. $6 Rainbow Oaks Faire □ Rainbow Oaks Faire: Featuring Live Jazz/Blues/Rock Pianist, Art, Flowers, Antiques, Food, drinks and more. Located at: Rainbow Oaks County Square 4811 5th street, Rainbow (4miles south of […]

Don’t call Jackie a ‘rock star’

You must know that there are a lot of people in addition to the artists that contribute their skills and efforts to building the local music community and our readers deserve to hear those perspectives. So this week I am interviewing Jackie Findl the Studio/Booking Manager for The Underground Recording Studio. Since Jackie has been […]

Tenaja Falls offers easy access, waterfalls and views

Okay, so finally, after procrastinating for way too many weeks, I finally went out and found the secluded watering hole that is Tenaja Falls. As it turns out, it is really easy to get to. It’s only about a six-mile drive from the I-15 and the roads taking you to the trailhead are all paved. […]