Restorative Yoga benefits Anza residents

Restorative Yoga benefits Anza residents

The lights will dim at Gregoire Combatives studio with quiet music playing during Instructor Valeria (Val) Andrew’s Restorative Yoga class. Her Yoga class teaches everyone to “breathe in peace and breathe out fear.” Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Val Andrews teaches Restorative Yoga on Monday nights at 6:30 p.m. in Anza. She and her husband […]

Anza’s Hamilton K-8 2015-16 school plan presented

A comprehensive school plan including specialized teacher training, student trips, a new reading program and adding new computer equipment for Hamilton School (K-8) in Anza was presented to the Hemet Unified School District Board on Aug. 18. Hamilton School is among three schools in the district considered Title 1 schools eligible for extra funding through […]

Detecting body image issues in your child

What does your teen see when they look in the mirror? Body image encompasses what a person believes about their outward appearance, how they feel about their body and how they sense and control their movements. Issues can occur when your teen starts showing signs of a negative body image, perceiving their body as something […]

SVLC to host new Griefshare session Sept. 4

Have you suffered a loss lately, or know someone who has? Losing a loved one is never easy and no one should suffer alone. Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church (SVLC) has been hosting Greifshare a support program that helps one deal with loss for many years. Griefshare explores what grief is and how one can heal from […]

Battling stress with boredom

Stress is everywhere. From the time we wake up in the morning until the time we hit the sack again each night, the stresses inherent in daily life are a constant. Many seek out mental health professionals to help in dealing with stress, but Dr. Perri Zinberg, a cognitive behavioral therapist in Los Angeles, said […]

Diabetes goes to the dogs – University of Pennsylvania graduates first diabetes detection dog

It is estimated that 25 million people have diabetes while 80 million people have pre-diabetes. Insulin-dependent diabetics often devote a great deal of time and anxiety worrying about their risks of experiencing a potentially fatal episode of hypoglycemia, especially at night while they sleep. That’s why the recent graduation of the first diabetes detection dog […]

Kaiser Permanente PrEP Study reports 45% increase in condom-less sex Kaiser Permanente PrEP Study reports 45% increase in con

A San Francisco Business Times article reports “eye-popping statistic” from a Kaiser Permanente study of approximately 500 individuals taking Truvada once a day as pre-exposure prophylaxis to prevent HIV. The study, which enrolled a majority of men who have sex with multiple men and was conducted through Kaiser’s HIV care and prevention program in San […]