AVMAC to host a talk on ‘El Niño and You’

Anza’s AVMAC will be hosting a talk on “El Niño and You,” presented by the Riverside County Emergency Management Department on Dec. 9, at 7 p.m. at the Anza Community Hall in Anza on Hwy 371. They will be handing out free sandbags to all who attend. The El Nino weather pattern in simple terms is […]

Recent rains lower National Forest fire restrictions

SAN BERNARDINO – Fire restrictions on campfire rings, charcoal burners in the San Bernardino National Forest lands surrounding the Anza and Garner Valleys have been reduced because of recent rains, the U.S. Forest Service announced this week. San Bernardino National Forest Supervisor Jody Noiron also announced that recreational target shooting is again permitted in designated […]

Cooking Corner

Cooking Corner

Food and our favorite recipes are an intricate part of life. This week Managing Editor Kim Harris shares an old family favorite that she first tasted as a small child when her grandmother had the family over for dinner on a cold winter’s night. If you make any of the recipes Anza Valley Outlook shares, […]

Valley Water issue discussion Planned at AGWA Summit

ANZA – Anza Ground Water Association will hold the second annual Anza Water Summit the Anza Community Hall Sat. Oct. 24 with a report on the Anza Valley watershed, groundwater and wells. The summit will include panel presentations on the area’s critical water supplies in connection with the California drought. The summit will include a […]

 Early Fall Color Could Be Sign of Tree Distress

In many parts of North America, people will soon enjoy one of nature’s finest shows – fall foliage. Color-changing leaves make for a beautiful display, but early changes in leaf-color can be a sign that your tree is stressed and vulnerable to insect and disease attack. If the leaves on your trees are changing color […]

Landscape design principles, Part 1

Linda McDonald-Cash Landscape Design Columnist Hello neighbors and fellow gardeners. This issue I will be discussing basic design concepts for the garden which should enable you to at least have a rough idea of what you might like to do and/or possibly what you want to remove from your garden. Learning landscape design took me […]

Help your trees resist pests

On your property, insects and microorganisms abound. If this is news to you, don’t go running for the sprays and granulated “Bug Kill Stuff.” This is a natural and beneficial state, since insects and microorganisms are key components in nutrient recycling, decomposition, plant succession, natural pest control and wildlife habitat. “A landscape without insects and […]

Volunteers snip out scourge of unwanted bull thistles

An entourage of U. S. Forest Service botanists, biologists and volunteers fanned out last Sunday to snip off and root out a new growth of bull thistle plants that threaten to out-compete native grasses and plants in Johnson Meadow north of Garner Valley near Anza. The group of eight volunteered to spend their day cutting […]