That was one spicy “hot-a” spell. Good thing we hesitated to plant before it occurred. Most things would have been fried. My tomatoes suffered, my peppers suffered and my wallet suffered from the water bill. Hopefully, the extreme heat spells are over. Just to be safe we are going to start the fall/winter garden with […]

Garden home tour features 220 CA ponds

The weekend of July 8 and 9, Southern California will be alive with thousands of visitors streaming into more than 220 homes spanning down Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange County and Riverside to San Diego as the region hosts the largest ever “Parade of Ponds” self-guided water garden home tour. This two-day event is the largest […]

County fire chief suspends open burning permits

Open burning has been suspended and will remain so during this period of hot, dry weather. There will be an ongoing review of weather and burning conditions to determine if the suspension can be lifted. Fire danger is very high, so suspending burning can reduce the chances of wildfire. Provided below are a few helpful […]

Cruising to ancient Ephesus

Ephesus or Efes, the Turkish spelling, is an ancient city located near the coast of the Aegean Sea. Mine was only a day trip, but it was a day that was rich with color, enhancing my life with unforgettable memories. It was a shore excursion, part of a more extensive cruise vacation that had begun […]

Christopher Pardell

With a sweep of Santa Margarita River views from their windows, Christopher Pardell and partner Kathy McNeeley live in a rustic contemporary home on two hillside acres. However, both are so deeply involved in art interests that they don’t find much time to sit around and enjoy the ever-changing scenery. More often they’ll be found […]

Black widow spiders: A cautionary tale

With the onset of the autumn season and chilly mornings and evenings that demand a warming fire in the fireplace, beware of the large black spider that may be lurking on the wood you’re carrying into the house. That spider may be the black widow, or Latrodectus mactans, considered to be the most venomous spider […]

Skinner spill forces temporary shutoff

A malfunction at the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s Skinner Treatment Plant forced a nine-hour shutdown of water deliveries June 22 and tested demand water management plans of nearby water agencies. Delivery to wholesale and retail agencies was cut in half during the shutdown, although the agencies had sufficient storage to impact water users. […]

Design happiness into your home

Perfectly designed rooms, decorated with style and beauty, fill the pages of popular decorating magazines. Many of us yearn for this staged, designer look but question our ability to achieve it and further question our ability to live it. So, what do you do when you desire the stylish magazine look but your family’s lifestyle […]

The finest in country living

When Jim Leising and his wife Michele decided to build a home for themselves and sons Chad and Chase, they took into account their personal tastes and started drawing a plan. The resulting home is a 5,200-square-foot Early California-style ranch house with some 10,000 square feet under roof for a combined indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Better yet, […]