Redshank Riders host stock packing clinic and demonstration at Vail Ranch

Redshank Riders host stock packing clinic and demonstration at Vail Ranch

Mules, packing equipment, real cowboys, outfitters and trail masters set up camp at the historic Vail Headquarters in Temecula Saturday, Nov. 4, for a stock packing clinic demonstration. Sponsored in part by Winchester Saddlery, the clinic also included the Cheflavor restaurant serving beverages and a barbecue lunch to those in attendance. Anza’s Redshank Riders unit […]

HUSD announces new attendance policies

Parents returning their children to the Hamilton and Cottonwood schools received a notice regarding changes in the attendance policies for the Hemet Unified School District schools. An informational flyer said, “Education Code Section 48260 defines a truant as a pupil who has missed more than 30 minutes on three days without a valid excuse in […]

The 90 pounder

Years ago I had the opportunity to work on a construction crew refurbishing some of the freeways in this great state. Part of what we did was to remove and replace the concrete under the freeway underpasses. Because of the ground movement here in California the concrete under the underpasses would buckle and break and […]

The Crane

Many years ago I actually lived in a city for a while. Back then times were hard, finding a job was hard but one afternoon I ran into a young man whose father was looking for a worker. The job was working as a roustabout. A roustabout is someone who does anything that is required […]

​KOYT-FM launches ‘Kars for Koyotes​’

ANZA – Anza Community Broadcasting is proud to announce “Kars for Koyotes,” a partnership with the Center for Car Donations. Listeners and supporters can now donate their unwanted cars to benefit 96.3 KOYT-FM, Anza’s own nonprofit community radio station. People don’t have to deal with the hassle of advertising, showing and negotiating a sale for their car and will get a […]

Just wondering

Sometimes I think, which usually has the effect of confusing me further, but lately there are just some things that I don’t understand. I can remember back in the days of the moon launch that we pretty much trusted what the scientists had to say; maybe it was because they were actually doing something instead […]

Resident lion

Not too long ago I had the opportunity to live in a small RV park in Anza, California. To say that some of the residents of the park were colorful would probably be somewhat of an understatement but on the whole I found it to be a rewarding experience. I became friends with a wonderful […]

Young dog, Old dog

Being somewhat long of tooth, that is to say getting up there in years, I have had occasion to be fortunate in life to be the owner of a number of dogs. I know that there is a saying that a dog is man’s best friend; I guess that really depends on how much of […]

Cleaning house and other duties

One of the hardest things I have had to learn was house cleaning. It took me years to understand that there are simple rules that if you are able to remember them are quite useful in this time-honored art. First, keeping carpets clean. If your friends enter the door, take one look inside and immediately […]

Free birthday lunch at the Community Hall Cafe.

Free birthday lunch at the Community Hall Cafe.

A very special lunch was served at Anza’s Community Café Tuesday, Feb. 7. Located in the Community Hall, the Cafe specializes in tasty, authentic Thai and Asian food, all created and cooked by Chef Patchara “Patch” Chansricha Palmer. Feb. 7 was her birthday, and she celebrated in an extraordinary way. From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., a buffet line […]

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