The Anza Yeti

Years ago, in Anza, California, there began some strange occurrences. Right at first these strange happenings were so unrelated that no one really took notice. I think it began in October of 56. At that time, there were several farmers in Anza that had lost a number of pumpkins from their fields. It was felt […]

The notion of Terwilliger

The notion of Terwilliger

Years ago in Anza, California, there lived a family known as the Terwilliger’s. I have to confess that I don’t know too much about them (before my time) but they are probably related to a good portion of the old-timer population as is the usual case in any small town. I know that they lived […]


Years ago, in Anza, there used to be a whiskey bar. Now I will call it a whiskey bar because that is what it really was. The main drinks served in that bar were whiskey and beer, I know because I had the dubious honor of being employed at said establishment for a time. The […]

Our American Flag

Years ago in Anza California as a young lad I remember going to school and giving the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag and the United States of America. Funny, I still remember the goosebumps and the pride that swelled in me when I heard the national anthem and saw that beautiful flag waving. I […]

Dog whispering

Years ago in Anza, I had an occasion to get into a conversation with a very old friend of mine on the subject of the canine species. We told each other a number of tales concerning the care treatment and training of said species. Most people back in those days referred to their dogs as […]

Rabbit on the run

Years ago in Anza, California, I bought a .22 caliber six shooter. Now this little gun was a single action, that is to say you had to pull back the hammer and cock it each time you wanted to shoot it. That is the same way pistols were in the western days. I had a […]

Queens Honey

Years ago in Anza, California, I had an occasion to work in the hills south of Hemet. It was a job that would only last two weeks but as it turned out time would mean nothing. On the first day I and a friend of mine started out to the job. As we traveled up […]

Anza Days Parade Disney Style

Anza Days Parade Disney Style

Jack Sparrow, Peter Pan, Tiger Lily, Captain Hook and even Mickey and Minnie Mouse on horseback was how the townspeople of Anza Celebrated Anza Days Saturday. July 2 when, for a brief 35 minutes, Anza’s main Highway became the “Wonderful World of Disney.” Young and old lined the parade route, which for a moment was […]

The case of the snake

Years ago in Anza, California, I had an occasion to be sitting with a friend on a couple of chairs at the back of my home enjoying the afternoon. This elderly friend of mine and I were conversing as usual about nearly everything from cloud patterns to the United States state of affairs. As we […]

Cunning coyotes teach lessons on hunting

Years ago in Anza, California, I had several occasions to observe the antics of our local coyotes. I remember as a youth (about 12 years old), I was out hunting rabbits with my 410 shotgun. I was in a field next to the road (now Hwy. 371) in those days there was nothing but open […]