Trump may only repeal ‘Obamacare’

For eight years Republicans promised to repeal “Obamacare” when they had the power. None had voted for it. The word replace was never used. Senator Ted Cruz was the only presidential candidate promising to repeal it “day one.” But when Republicans got the power, they broke this promise. President Donald Trump had promised to “repeal and […]

When patriotism becomes mostly seasonal

Following our annual celebration of the Fourth of July, sometimes reflection is helpful. A week before this holiday everyone dons a patriotic tie. A week later few do. This inconsistent behavior is seasonal patriotism. The event comes and goes; essentially, the colors red, white, and blue are popular for a day, and then out. You might even be viewed […]

God referenced five times in the Declaration of Independence

It always amazes me when otherwise intelligent people are unable to find evidence of God in our governing documents. The Declaration of Independence, the signing of which we commemorate July 4th, alone has five references to God – two in the first paragraph, one in the middle and two in the last. It begins, “When in […]

Getting out of the United Nations

I remember when grade schools promoted UNICEF by asking students to raise money while trick-or-treating every Halloween. In fact, looking back the United Nations was always treated favorably in school. I never heard a negative comment in my university experience either. Out of school, when I was able to control what I read, the literature […]

Globalism and climate control merge

The first billionaire in U.S. history was John D. Rockefeller. He and J. P. Morgan dominated late 19th and early 20th centuries’ economic and political history, even more so after they teamed up to create the Council on Foreign Relations in 1921, which quickly became the most powerful political special interest group in U.S. history. Recently, I […]

The most influential man in post-World War II history

Harold Pease, Ph. D. Special to Anza Valley Outlook The most influential individual in post-World War II history had a hand in creating the United Nations, even donating the property for the building in 1946. No one has had greater claim to influence since then. By the mid-70s, he owned dominating interests in The New […]

Please don’t call me conservative or liberal

  Please understand! I am deeply offended when called either conservative or liberal. These are traps for the ignorant who wish to reduce my years of serious contemplation to a word so that a part of my readers can praise me, “Well done! “ “You are one of us!” And the other part can dismiss me […]

How not to rescue a dog from a hot car or truck

How not to rescue a dog from a hot car or truck

This event occurred in Hemet a couple of weeks ago. It began with a pair of women noticing a small lap dog locked in a truck with the windows cracked. It was just under 80 degrees at the time. First, the ladies milled around, speaking loudly, hoping someone would notice. They were advised to call 911 since they […]

Getting back to the Constitution in education

In an executive order issued April 26 President Donald Trump ordered a rollback of what he termed “a federal power grab” in education. Constitutionally, this order is profound and long overdue. The order begins, “By the authority vested in me as president by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and […]

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