A bird in the truck

Years ago in Anza, I had the opportunity to go dove hunting with some friends of mine in a canyon east of town. Of course, this same canyon is now inaccessible to anyone that doesn’t walk on tip-toes and has all the necessary permits paid for. (But that’s another story.) Anyway, the three of us […]

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, During the first days of the wildfires in San Diego County a couple of weeks ago one of the reporters said that there were not enough air tankers available for the number of fires. Later that evening on another station a reporter said that there were no super tankers available when the fires […]


What was it that woke me up? I think it was the room becoming lighter as the sun rose in the early morning sky. I washed my face and threw on some clothes. Grabbing a cup of my dad’s coffee (he was already at his work even though the sun had just come up) I […]

Full blown American

In the early days of Anza lived a man we will call Howard Dale. Now Howard was an old rancher when I ran into him as a kid. He dressed in Levi pants and shirt, cowboy boots, and western straw hat. Howard had been in Anza nearly since its conception. He owned a vast and […]

Expanding the Super Majority by limiting democracy

Expanding the Super Majority by limiting democracy

As a result of reforms enacted in the early 1900s allowing the voters to decide important policy issues, California has long been recognized as a national example of democratic self-government. When elected representatives in Sacramento ignore the will of the people, the voters can rein them in through the use of the initiative, referendum or […]

Most important day in Temecula’s history formally proclaimed to be Nov. 15, 2012

The mood was sublime Tuesday night (Dec. 11) at the packed Temecula City Hall Council meeting. “Pechanga Pu’eska Mountain Day” was proclaimed to be Nov. 15, 2012, “and every Nov. 15 thereafter.” A long, moving, formally printed proclamation in plaque form was presented to Pechanga Chief Mark Macarro and the Tribal elders by our Council. […]

After seven years

“Within us is the Soul of the whole, the wise silence, the universal beauty, the eternal One.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson) The Pechanga Tribe has stepped forward and saved this land, these elegant hills……for eternity. I, for one, owe them a boundless debt of gratitude. They saved the communities of Rainbow, Fallbrook and the Temecula Valley […]

Fallbrook Healthcare District requests that Riverside County Board of Supervisors deny Liberty Quarry

To: Board of Supervisors, Riverside County Attention: Supervisor Bob Buster, Supervisor John F. Tavaglione, Supervisor Jeff Stone, Supervisor John J. Benoit, and Supervisor Marion Ashley. As administrator of the Fallbrook Healthcare District, I am contacting you to again state the position of this district relative to the Liberty Quarry. It is our understanding that on […]

Alcohol awareness

One hundred thousand people die every year from alcohol-related accidents. Alcohol has been called the first choice for children considering drugs. Did you know that when you drink, even as a young adult, you are at risk for cirrhosis of the liver, pancreatitis, hemorrhagic stroke, and cancer? Yet, every year, 2,550,000 kids under the age […]