Solution to the ISIS beheading practice on Americans

Shortly after the 9/11 attacks on the United States I came across an article that claimed that our intelligence community had found a document from al-Qaeda arguing that Islamic war with the United States could be successful only by bringing us to them.  The largely camel-driven society could never win otherwise.  As I recall it […]

Hamas’s War on Israel

The relentless missile attacks on Israel now exceed 2600 in the first 20 days of the Hamas/Israeli War.  Fortunately only 43 Israeli soldiers have been killed because of Israel’s elaborate missile defense system.  Return fire, however, has reportedly left 1,035 Palestinians dead in a war that appears to have no immediate end, despite President Barack […]

Bicycles used on state highways

Dear Editor, I think it is about time for the State of California to review its discriminatory practices when it comes to bicycles on state highways. Bicyclist demand and get special treatment, such as special bike lanes that they pay nothing for the installation of or the upkeep, have no requirement for bicycle licenses or […]

Do we have a border if foreign children can invade?

Clearly our borders are not protected when children can cross, reportedly unaided. If a child can come in, then anyone can come in. If anyone can come in, then we cease to be a country. Historically borders define a country, when they cease to exist, or to have meaning or respect, the country soon also […]

Greenhouse Gasses and Global Warming

Dear Editor, We hear a lot about greenhouse gasses and global warming but seldom hear about the personal side of the problem. Every person is a problem when it comes to greenhouse gasses. When a person exhales they give off carbon dioxide gas. This gas has the same chemical formula as the carbon dioxide gas […]

US Forces – Past and Future Problems

Dear Editor, While watching the news I began thinking about past and future problems, the result is this letter. The United States entered South Vietnam with advisors to train the South Vietnam Military. They then had to send in our own military to stem the invasion from the north. During all that time the US […]

Abandoned Children

Dear Editor, A young American Citizen who was apparently out of work and homeless left her baby in a stroller on a crowded subway ramp in New York. Based on the news, she was homeless and broke and felt that she could not take care of the baby and hoped that someone else would care […]

Anza Days 2014

With Anza Days just behind us it’s time to thank those who really put out a great effort to provide us all with great memories. The arrangements for the Anza Days Friday dinner and Saturday morning breakfast were brought to us by the Anza Valley Lions Club and the Anza Valley Thimble Club. Both of […]


Dear Editor, During the first days of the wildfires in San Diego County a couple of weeks ago one of the reporters said that there were not enough air tankers available for the number of fires. Later that evening on another station a reporter said that there were no super tankers available when the fires […]

The Constitution could still remove Obamacare

By now there exist few defenders of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, nicknamed “Obamacare,” which has shown itself to be neither affordable or capable of protecting the patient—especially from government managed plans. The “list of horribles” was mind-boggling from the first day of the Affordable Care Act’s implementation on October 1, 2013, beginning […]