True cost of annexation

I appreciate Peter Surowski’s February 21st article that outlines what is currently taking place between Granite Construction and the City of Temecula. However, the claims of the opposition continue to cloud the facts about this much needed project. I would like to take a moment to address a number of statements that need correction or […]

GUEST EDITORIAL : Budget must be balanced, capped

CA Senator (Rep.) 36th District Vice Chair, Senate Budget Committee Since Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s arrival in Sacramento, the beginning of the calendar year has typically been a time of announcing major new policy initiatives, legislative proposals and of generally hopeful days ahead for California. Yet in 2008, all has been focused on the solemn news […]

Farewell to my friends

I have spent a lot of time trying to think of what I would say to each of you in this, my last, Monday Morning Memorandum. God, and some gonzo lawyer, has put an end to this phase of my political career, and I personally don’t have the hardware or the training to send this out […]

Murrieta School Board missed chance for greatness

A great opportunity was lost by the Murrieta School Board when they voted once again to name their newest high school for the city of Murrieta. Three high schools, all Murrieta, with geographic references: Vista, Valley and now Mesa. Nice enough and bland enough to satisfy those who turned the naming of the school into a political […]

Where are the pro-American films?

There will be a film festival starting Saturday in San Francisco and it will feature a Turkish film, “Valley of the Wolves.” The film is an anti-American “docudrama” loosely documenting the July 4, 2003, incident when US troops mistakenly identified Turkish soldiers as enemy troops. The 11 Turkish soldiers were members of the Coalition forces […]

RE: ‘A Day without a Mexican’

I am an expatriate US citizen who has been living in Honduras for 10 years. I have been amazed at the number of multi-million-dollar loans to this nation that have been forgiven by the US, the World Bank, the EU and Japan. I always say I wish I had their bankers. So if most of these loans go […]

US Supreme Court to take up partial birth abortion

It was just announced that the US Supreme Court is going to consider the constitutionality of a federal law that bans a particularly barbaric procedure known as partial-birth abortion. I don’t know how the new makeup of the Supreme Court will treat this, but with a society that is constantly growing in technology and supposedly […]

Postal consumers should be wary of new ‘Transformation Plan’

With a January 8 stamp price hike just ahead, the US Postal Service has issued its latest “Strategic Transformation Plan.” This blueprint for the future, according to Postmaster General John Potter’s introduction, “will continue to reduce costs by improving efficiency in all…operational and business processes.” That sounds like great news for both customers and taxpayers. […]

Christmas: an opportunity for tolerance

As a Christian that is not ashamed of the Gospel, let me welcome all to celebrate our most wonderful celebration. Please feel free to join in with the festivities and recognize the birth of our Savior. But please understand that Christmas is a Christian celebration, not a Christian holiday nor any other event. Understand that you are sharing […]