Retired Teachers Week Nov. 6-12

Teachers are often asked, “Why do you teach?” Most answers revolve around students and the ability to touch the future, such as “I do not tire of rediscovering the world through students’ eyes. The rewards of helping a child are priceless.” Another answer is “I have cherished the knowledge that I am able to influence […]

You better have your own master plan

On October 20 I debated Affirmative Action against a Socialist organization called BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) UC Berkeley. The debate moved rapidly from facts to emotional name-calling from the left. The left thinks of themselves as the savior of “minorities” and anyone against them must hate minorities. Of course, they include everyone who disagrees […]

They protest too much

The most interesting proposals in last week’s state of the State speech by Governor Schwarzenegger were the merit pay for teachers and the idea for changing how public employee pensions are handled. Both ideas have raised the ire of the public employee unions, and neither is likely to move very far in the California Legislature. […]

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