Recent rains lower National Forest fire restrictions

SAN BERNARDINO – Fire restrictions on campfire rings, charcoal burners in the San Bernardino National Forest lands surrounding the Anza and Garner Valleys have been reduced because of recent rains, the U.S. Forest Service announced this week. San Bernardino National Forest Supervisor Jody Noiron also announced that recreational target shooting is again permitted in designated […]

Assemblyman Jones discredits Democrats’ Clean Energy agenda

SACRAMENTO – Assemblyman Brian Jones (R-Santee) released an “Are You Kidding Me?” segment discrediting the Democrat’s environmental agenda involving renewable power sources. Jones said in light of recent news that Governor Brown will sign SB 350, requiring California to get 50 percent of its power from renewable sources by 2030 he is disappointed that small […]

Horse feed being recalled after death of three horses

RIVERSIDE  – A particular brand of horse feed that may have been sold in Riverside is being recalled today, following the death of three horses and sickening of dozens of others. The feed contains ionophore, a feed additive that is fed to cattle to make them gain weight. Ionophore is toxic to horses, and there is no antidote. […]

Jones supports life, opposes assisted suicide

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—Assemblyman Brian Jones, R-Santee, defended the value of life in the face of a bill that would allow physicians to give patients medication to end their own lives. Assemblyman Jones voted against the bill on Sept. 11 and released the following statement on the Aid in Dying bill, Assembly Bill X2 15: “The Health […]

Measure to support ‘Made in America’ labeling signed by Governor Brown

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—Legislation to allow manufacturers to label their products “Made in America” if no more than 10 percent of the final product is made outside of the United States was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown. Senate Bill 633, authored by Senator Hill (D-San Mateo/Santa Clara counties) and Assemblyman Jones (R-Santee), changes California’s 100 […]

Anza VFW Post #1873 and its Auxiliaries August news

The garden is growing slowly. The chilly nights (which are great for sleeping) are slowing production. But all things come to those who wait, and wait and wait (hopefully). Please note below that I’m doing my annual “Thanksgiving in August” turkey dinner on Aug. 14. We’re starting to serve at 4:30 p.m.. I raised the […]

State adopts emergency regulation for removal of dead and dying trees

SACRAMENTO—The California Board of Forestry and Fire Protection adopted an emergency regulation for the removal of dead and dying trees at their June 17 meeting. The adoption was made in response to the ever-growing number of drought-related dead and dying trees across the State that are mounting concerns over intensifying wildfire conditions. Under the regulation, drought […]

Quakes not related, officials say

RIVERSIDE – There is no reason to think the several small earthquakes recorded in Northern California and the Inland Empire Wednesday morning were connected, earthquake experts said in remarks reported today. Even the three quakes in Riverside County were too far apart to all be linked, the Los Angeles Times reported. The first two, a magnitude-3.7 and -2.7 that struck shortly […]