Thoughts of Faith; Grace a pinpoint of Light in the darkness

When I take the time to stop, look up and stare into the night sky I am pleased to see the pin points of light staring back at me. The Milky Way, Orion, the planets Venus and Mars and other constellations that are familiar in the night sky greet me. They shine so bright against […]

Commencement Day at Olivet University’s New Riverside Campus

Commencement Day at Olivet University’s New Riverside Campus

Commencement Day at Olivet University June 24 with a prestigious guest and faculty gathered at the Riverside Campus to commemorate the graduation of students from Olivet campuses from across the United States. This year Olivet University graduates were awarded 12 Bachelor of Arts degrees, one Journalism degree, 11 Theology majors, eight Master of Arts, one […]

Thoughts of faith, One body, can the foot be the fingers?

Fingers where there should be toes, toes where fingers belong, a human body would not function very well if this were so. We would not entertain swapping the two just because we wanted to, yet often the body of Christ does just that. The ear is critical of the knee; the elbow thinks if it […]

Vacation Bible School available this summer

Songs, story time, laughter, meeting new friends, arts and crafts having fun all while growing young people’s spiritual side; that is what Vacation Bible School is all about. Throughout the summer the area churches have strategically planned to hold VBS; some for one week, some for just a day. Do not miss out on these […]

Thoughts of faith, praying for others who hurt you is humbling

The final thought- a continuation of last two weeks on forgiveness: 2 Chronicles 7:14 Living Bible says, “Then if my people will humble themselves and pray, and search for me, and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear them from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land.” Praying for others who just […]

Thoughts of Faith; Separate the Sin from the Sinner

Editor’s note; This is part two of an ongoing series by Area Manager, Jodi Thomas. To read the previous week’s column, visit For me the trick is to separate those who have hurt me, from that which is not them. Those things that influence them, those Ephesian 6 things that are not following God’s […]

Thoughts of faith, the hardest thing I’ve ever done

Have you ever been hurt by someone, or seen less than Christ like behavior in your fellow Christian brother and/or sister? Have those actions, words and deeds led you to form a steadfast opinion of them and their intent in that circumstance? Perhaps the facts of your opinion is full of truth? You still encounter […]

Thoughts of Faith; A Fervent Prayer, the blending of wills

I was thinking about prayer and the scripture found in James Chapter 5 Verse 16 popped into my head, the fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. If you follow a word study of definitions for the word fervent you will find these words – earnest, zealous and ardent along the way. All have […]

Thoughts of faith; Lord let me be like the Elderberry Tree

Thoughts of faith; Lord let me be like the Elderberry Tree

  In times of struggle and times of great peril, when fear comes like a cloud, all we can do is wait. Wait upon the Lord, rest in him, rest in the belief that in time the answers will come; remembering the simplicity of the gospel; the forgiveness of sins, the redemption of the soul. The […]

Faith, hope and convictions; What do they mean in your life?

What is Faith? What is Hope? Do you stand by, have true confidence in your convictions – all the time, some of the time, only when convenient? Spiritually these questions confront us each and every day. Yet do we daily acknowledge them? Do our daily decisions and the resulting consequences produce good or bad fruit […]