Hamilton High School awards thee staff members with Good Apple awards

Patrick Williams receives his Good Apple award from Assistant Superintendent Darel Hanson of Hemet Unified School District. Courtesy photo

HEMET – Hamilton High School has announced three recipients of a Good Apple award. Each individual contributes to the overall environment at Hamilton High and ensures students are supported throughout their educational journey.

Patrick Williams is a Bobcat through and through. He wears more hats on Hamilton High’s campus than a person can count. He has been the “go to” person for getting technology delivered and set up in classrooms. His skills and intelligence have helped the school troubleshoot numerous technological and facility challenges. Williams is an athletic coach at Hamilton High. He is always positive and ready to drop whatever he is doing to assist students and teachers, school administrators said.

Counselor Jason Sonnier has not only been instrumental in assisting students in reaching their goals beyond high school, but he is the kind of teammate who is always looking out for others. He is dedicated to the students at Hamilton High. He has spent countless hours in problem-solving the development of an almost impossible master schedule. Somehow, during all of his unique tasks, Sonnier constantly checks on others to ensure they are doing all right. He is the definition of a team player.

Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Parsons is beginning his third year serving Hamilton schools as the school resource officer. He has demonstrated every possible characteristic involved in school service. He has built incredible relationships, protected the community and served students in countless ways. He is a primary reason for continued growth in Hamilton High’s attendance percentage.

Williams, Sonnier and Parsons are valuable members of the Hamilton High School community, and the school is thankful for everything they do to help serve the students and staff on campus.

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