Hillbilly Festival 2017 features pie-eating contest, chili cookoff

The “Udder Throw” consists of rubber gloves filled with real milk to be thrown to a partner across an increasing distance; the last pair whose udder breaks is the winner at the Anza Lions Club Hillbilly Festival Saturday, Nov. 18, at Minor Field in Anza. Diane Sieker photo

The 2017 Anza Lions Club annual Hillbilly Festival was a great success and a load of fun for all ages Saturday, Nov. 18, at Minor Field in Anza.

Raffles, a petting zoo, potato cannon demonstrations, greased pole climbing, a chili cook-off, balloon art by GeriLynn of Balloonernooner and an udder throw contest were just some of the fun activities enjoyed by festival attendees.

Lion Thomas Diaz manned the grill, keeping everyone well supplied with hearty burgers and hot dogs.

Vendors were on hand to supply everything from horse tack to decorations and gifts for the holidays. Cece Hotchkiss offered equine trinkets, saddles, halters and bridles.

“I had an excellent time at the Hillbilly Festival. We did really good. I won raffle prizes!” Hotchkiss said.

Many who attended said this event was even better than the festival last year, staying all day to try activities and purchase gifts. The weather cooperated.

Russell Kitchen and Susie Rodriguez of the Soil Kitchen and Kids of Anza sponsored a greased pole climb and a glorious and messy pie-eating contest.

“The Hillbilly Festival was a great experience for me to be a part of,” Rodriguez said. “I enjoyed all the happy faces. The greased pole climb had the great prize of a $100 at the top and all the kids tried their hardest. It kept them quite busy.”

Hunter and Wyatt Dulaney took home a $100 prize for reaching the top of the greased pole.

“I am already looking forward to next year’s event. This is such a great little community full of love and friendship. I am really happy to be a part of it,” Rodriguez said.

For more information on other Lions events, contact Anza Lions Club President Mimi Brown at (760) 637-9173 or by email at mimispecialevents@gmail.com or visit www.anzalionsclub.org.

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