Idyllwild’s International Festival of Cinema open in Idyllwild

More than 100 different films from documentaries to features will be viewed during Idyllwild’s signature Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema sometimes called the “Mini Sundance” that began Tuesday, March 6, and will continue through Saturday, March 10.

The extraordinary film festival began at 10 a.m. March 6 at Idyllwild’s Rustic Theater, 54290 North Circle Drive, with the showing of the films “Vermijo” and later “The Golden Age.” The showings will end Saturday, March 10, at the Idyllwild Town Hall, 25925 Cedar St, with the showing of “Hunting Lands.” A listing of the film festivals showings at different locations throughout the Idyllwild mountain community can be found on the IIFC webpage

Stephen Savage, the IIFC director began assembling the film festival in 2009 and it has since grown to become one of the Southern California’s finer film festivals known the world over. “IIFC moves into this new season so strong, and so viable, I am literally in awe of its potential, and bigger and more inspiring,” says Savage in his online invitation to the 2018 film festival. “And to add even more awe to my already huge exuberance, the audiences keep coming in greater numbers. To say we have come into our own falls short of the mark. IIFC has come so far in such a short time that I can now say, without fear of exaggeration that we are truly one of the ‘Go To’ festivals for filmmakers and film lovers in California.”

The full IIFC festival pass was priced at $95 with day passes $35 and single screening passes at $10 each.

The special IIFC Foundation “Live Love” Benefit Saturday, March 10, with a $10 ticket that will offer two screenings including the locally filmed upcoming western TV drama series pilot “Tucker’s War,” directed by Stephen Savage. The nonprofit “Live Love” Foundation brings hope and encouragement to Kids Battling Cancer in Hospitals Worldwide. It is a separate event apart from the full festival pass.

With the Director’s Mixer Party at 9 p.m. Saturday, March 10, ticket set at $20 where guests may meet fellow filmmakers along with a dinner and drinks. The festivals’ full schedule and locations of festival events throughout downtown Idyllwild and ticket purchases are available from the IIFV website

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