Musicians of Anza: Danny Foye delivers ‘homegrown, all-original cowboy rock and Southern-fried blues’

Danny Foye rocks the crowd at an outdoor performance. Diane Sieker photo

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Danny Louis Foye, accomplished musician, guitarist and frontman for the band Cowboy Bang Bang, is one of the local talents that proudly calls Anza home.

“I bought 10 acres of sand in Terwilliger to flip in 1987,” Foye said. “Here I am 31 years later. Me and other kids either never left or all came back, and that’s a strong statement for the high country. Every morning we wake up in heaven.”

And he’s in the valley to stay, making people happy through his music.

Foye got an early start to his love of making music. His eldest brother brought an “arch top ‘Harmony Hollywood’” guitar home from the Navy in 1963 and promptly ignored it.

“I picked it up and pulled ‘Pretty Woman’ off the AM radio. My sister was raking up her red ‘beehive’ getting ready for school, looked out of the bathroom, and her jaw dropped,” Foye said with a grin. His natural talent had made itself known.

Learning Beatles songs was next. Foye purchased the “Beatles Complete” book and learned every cord and every song. His self-education really paid off, as he became more adept every time he picked up the instrument, he said.

Later, Foye played in the band Teazer in Austin, Texas, with Robbie Vaughn and Tommie Shannon.

In 1979, he moved to Los Angeles and wrote speculation albums with Drew Forsythe and Craig Turner of the famous metal band Quiet Riot. When band member Randy Rhoads was killed in a plane crash in 1982, the current and former members scrambled to reunify the group.

At that point, Foye went to San Diego’s Planet, then on to Anza in 1988.

Foye describes his musical style as “Gene Autry meets Gene Simmons,” homegrown all-original cowboy rock and Southern-fried blues.

“Gentle saddle bounce verses together with bridges crashing like thunder,” he said. “Reminding us that the wild West never went away. Somehow, some Nashville genius took the western out of country western, and I’m gonna put it back.”

Foye shares the Anza stages with many other well-known entertainers.

“Proof that the high country is the center of the universe, look at the heavy hitters that are here. Vince Banta (Taj Mahal, Huey Lewis, U2) and Dave Norwood (America). Huge shoutout to John Knori, Mark Huston, Steve Silkotch, (star of stage and screen), yeah, we’re on the map with Rick Bonano and Jimmy Hilzman, a most talented player and my recording engineer; Cliff “Beef” Pollock and Milt “Jordy” Jordan.”

His current band, Cowboy Bang Bang, features Dan Brown, Freddie Zadick, John Yarrow and Dean Metzger, all seasoned players and well-known in the community. The band was created in 2013 and focuses on 1980s tunes as well as originals. Before that, Foye played with a group of guys calling themselves Tin Star and performed locally at the defunct Tumbleweed and Windy Hills Sports Bar.

Foye loves to write music and his latest tune, “Last Thing You’ll Ever See,” is about a wild West gunslinger and promises to get toes tapping. He also wrote “Being a Cowboy” and “Eyes Making Love,” reflecting his country western flair.

Foye has been in the studio recently and said that one CD is completed, a second is in final development and a third is in process. All three CDs will be included in one jacket and available through Foye and at gigs.

Cowboy Bang Bang shows are slated for Terwilliger, Galway Downs, Julian, Idylwild, Cahuilla and other locations in Anza to be announced.

“Thank you high country for your love and support. Now let’s rock this town.” he said.

For more information and to book the band, email Danny Foye at

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Danny Foye takes a glamour shot while working with the band Quiet Riot in the 1980s. Courtesy photo

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