Poultry Jubilee rules the roost in Anza

Anna Schwab offered these adorable little Polish chicken cross chicks for sale at the Anza Poultry Jubilee Saturday May 6. Diane Sieker photo

‘Fowl’ weather did not deter bird fans attending the Anza Poultry Jubilee on Sat., May 6. The event was held at the Organic Feed Store in Anza.

There were ducks, guinea keets (babies), ducklings, fresh eggs, hatching eggs, chicken pullets, chicks of dozens of different breeds and even a tiny Serama rooster that crowed happily all day.

Local poultry breeders were in attendance, offering advice and tips to new bird owners.

On and off sprinkles did not dampen the enthusiasm. The chicks and ducklings were a definite hit. Organizer Stephanie May held a raffle for items including an egg incubator, a new horse headstall, a kitchen canister set, Ice tea pitcher and glass set and chick starter kits. Fresh hot pizza was delivered by Pizza Factory owner Jordan Gitlan himself.

“Stephanie had a great raffle and the pizza from the Pizza Factory was yummy. The booth fee was very affordable at $5 which went to purchase the pizza for all vendors,” said seller Debbie Skinner, who with husband Ron brought Muscovy ducklings, Guinea keets, pullets and a wealth of knowledge.

Inside the feed store, chicken decor, books, organic livestock food, accessories and more were offered and the staff was pleasant and helpful. Brooders and display cages were full of colorful and happily peeping fluffy chicks.

“It was nice and pleasant to meet new people,” said Candy Linville as she perused the sellers’ fowl.

For more information on future events, please visit www.facebook.com/Anza-Poultry-Jubilee-1619649891665531/ or contact Stephanie May at WDProd@gmail.com or call or text (760) 799-6654.

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