Many years ago in Anza I used to hunt dove. If you are hunting dove like a sportsman should in my opinion hunt them on the fly, it gives the bird a pretty good chance. Dove can fly at speeds of 70 mph so if you are hunting them in full flight you had better be a good shot.

I remember having kind of a relationship with doves for most of my life. I guess come to think of it that is true with most of the animals of Anza. Take the valley quail that are around here. They can run very fast on the ground. If you have ever seen a mother quail with her young cross a road in front of you it is absolutely amazing how fast the baby’s legs are going and how fast they move.

But getting back to dove I have always loved the whistling sound their wings make when they leave a tree, no other bird around here makes that sound. As I grew older I heard that dove mate for life. I don’t know if this is actually true or if it is because people always relate to dove as a bird of love. Maybe it is because they are such a beautiful delicate bird.

I guess we all know that they have been released at weddings and other celebrations and they are mentioned in the Bible in numerous places. I have listened to their beautiful call for years it is soft, not sharp like that of a Raven, or loud like other birds. If you listen closely it sounds like they’re singing “I love You.”

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