Just wondering

Sometimes I think, which usually has the effect of confusing me further, but lately there are just some things that I don’t understand. I can remember back in the days of the moon launch that we pretty much trusted what the scientists had to say; maybe it was because they were actually doing something instead of advancing theories, but this  year has been different for me.

They said that last year was an “El Nino” year and to batten down the hatches, but last year we had very little rain, while this year nearly flooded out the state. And why is it that we here in California can be in a drought condition off and on for most of my life, and none of our wise leaders have built enough catch basins to catch the water we do have? Then I saw a news flash on TV that said the scientists had developed an early warning system for earthquakes that could provide valuable seconds of warning. SECONDS OF WARNING!!! What are you supposed to do in those precious seconds? I suppose it could add a little valuable time to your prayer. Maybe they need to go back to the drawing board a little on that one. Without getting political, I think that the people in the eastern and northeastern parts of this country if asked about global warming this winter would have had a different opinion.

I guess there are a lot of things I just don’t get. Like why does our government send a person overseas to fight and possibly die and call it a “tour” in a “theater” of operations? Makes it sound like they’re sending you on some kind of a vacation. Why do both parties in our government fight against each other so bitterly that they can’t even agree on issues that are clearly for the good of the people they govern?

Why is it that I can buy birdseed that is clearly marked “Dove and Quail” and end up raising 10 blue jays? Why don’t the police give out tickets for littering? All they would have to do is watch any road leading to our local dump. Why is it that I can spray paint the hood of my car, and one side looks great but the other side bubbles and blisters? Why is it I can let my little dog play outside all day, and then she comes in and pees in the house?

I can remember as a child asking my mother, “why is the sky blue?”

Her answer was “because God wanted it that way; now shut up.”

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