Twice as big

In Anza, California, there are some varieties of animals. This variety extends to even some of the same species, for example there are two different types of quail in different parts of what I will call Anza. There are the valley quail which are most prevalent and then there are the mountain quail.

Recently, I had an occasion to be talking to an old friend of mine and mentioned to him over the phone that the quail in the area of Anza where I lived were mountain quail. I told my friend that there is some difference in coloring as well as the mountain quail were nearly twice as big as the quail he was used to seeing where he lived.

He said, “Yeah right.” Soooo, that of course started it.

In my next conversation with him I told him that I had seen what most people would think to be mountain lion tracks outside my house, but beings everything up here was twice as big that it was probably just a bobcat.

This went on, of course, into cottontail rabbits the size of Jackrabbits and bear as big as pickup trucks. Yes sir, everything up in this part of the woods is twice as big. I told him I killed a rattlesnake on my property but it was so big that I had to climb a tree and when it passed under me I jumped on its back and cut its throat with my trusty pocket knife.

We went at this for several months always enjoying what was next to be twice as big. My friend was an avid hunter in his day so we shared many a hunting story together. One of the things that we both agreed on was that quail in fact are not indigenous to this area, as a matter of fact they had to have come here from the eastern part of the United States. We came to this conclusion because of the sound of this little birds call.

Anyone with any sense will tell you that when these birds make there call they are very lost, they don’t know where they are and are trying to find home again. That’s why they are shouting “Chicago” “Chicago!”

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