Winter morning

I awoke this morning to the definite feel of winter. I know it was colder than normal because my little dog tried to bite me three times (not wanting to leave the warmth of the bed). That’s OK she got over it.

In Anza, you can depend on several things when it comes to winter. Cold, windy and cold and windy. Oh, I really should mention a couple of other things. This morning when I stepped outside the sky was so blue it almost hurt to look at it. I could feel the sting of the cold but to old mountain men that is almost a welcoming feeling.

A winter morning like this has a feeling of hidden expectation, it I suppose stirs a primordial instinct that seems to be telling you that you must do something, and time is a-wastin. Young people venture into the woods and old people pull out the blankets.

Days are filled with the sound of axes hitting wood and the smell of fresh split pine. The different warmth of the fireplace or woodstove. Anza has a habit of having summers that are long enough to get most people around here tired of summer, the winters are the same; Always glad for the first day of summer and always glad for the first day of winter.

I think that people in the olden days started gathering in the wintertime for warmth. The warmth of a fire and friendship. In my younger days, winter was an excuse to go 4-wheelin – hunting, fishing or just plain running around. It seems to be a season when people have more time to help their neighbors. You’re not working on gardens or pulling weeds.

Then there is Christmas. I guess some people think that Christmas has become too commercialized over the years but in my estimation, it is what you personally make of it. I know in my family, just getting together and sharing each others’ company, good food and a few homemade gifts are wonder enough for all.

It is a good time for healing, the healing of friendships, family relations and God please my country.

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