371 Nonprofit Network discusses benefits of collaboration

Marketplace Cooperative c-owner Larry Hughes discusses collaborating with other businesses at the 371 Nonprofit Network meeting held Tuesday, May 9. Diane Sieker photo

The 371 Nonprofit Network, hosted by The High Country Conservancy and Marketplace Cooperative, Inc., held an informative exchange aimed at assisting local nonprofit organizations with smart business and marketing skills Tuesday, May 9.

The discussion spotlighted the sharing of ideas concerning ways that nonprofit charity groups could work together for the good of each organization.

Attending were Sally Kaspar and Carol Wright of the Thimble Club, Russell and Susie Kitchen of The Soil Kitchen, Annika Knoppel of KOYT 96.3 LPFM and The High Country Conservancy and the 371 Nonprofit Network, plus Larry and Sandi Hughes with the Marketplace Cooperative, Inc.

After introductions, the meeting got into the main theme of the evening, “Ways to work together.”

From left to right, Rissel Kitchen, Susie Kitchen, Sally Kaspar and Carol Wright listen carefully to the presentation at the 371 Nonprofit Network meeting held Tuesday, May 9. Diane Sieker photo

Sandi Hughes illustrated several facets of making this work for a nonprofit charity, by collaborations, sponsorships and partnerships.

Collaborations were described as the action of working with someone to create or produce something. Examples cited were marketing campaigns, fundraising events, even parade floats, where one or more groups come together to make something together for the benefit of both. The focus of this method is to get the names out to the public and be known within the community.

Sponsorships were also presented as an excellent way to make a charity recognized. By supporting athletic events, competitions or a charitable cause, it works by “promoting yourself,” said Hughes. Plus, it aids the competitors and causes in many ways. An example given was to support local school activities and be offered a banner to proclaim support by the team. This helps get the name of the group into the focus of the public.

Partnerships, such as those created by stores with banks, coffee shops with book stores and other examples, benefits both parties.

The meeting was informative.

“Think outside, no box required,” said Hughes.

Many ideas were shared and the participants went away with some good principles to apply to their charitable groups and businesses.

“It is easy to be involved, you just have to do it. It takes a willingness to come forward,” Larry Hughes said.

Future 371 Nonprofit Network meetings will cover subjects such as grant writing, calendaring without conflicting with other local groups, gaining and retaining memberships, volunteerism, record-keeping, nonprofit bookkeeping and more.

“This group is not just for nonprofits. Clubs and unincorporated organizations are welcome as well,” Knoppel said. “If you are interested in being part of the planning or heading up any of these future events, please let me know.”

Knoppel can be reached at (951) 234-1314 or 371nonprofitnetwork@gmail.com.

371 Nonprofit Network meets at the offices of Marketplace Cooperative Inc, located at 56480 Hwy 371, Ste 11 (Formerly Bedrock Hair Salon), located at the corner of Highway 371 and Contreras. Their Facebook page is www.facebook.com/371NN.

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