ACH appreciation dinner well attended

Anza Community Hall (ACH) put on a very special night of thanks to honor a community who has backed them well. The board, its family, and friends decorated, cooked and served an awesome spaghetti meal with all the fixings. There were many prizes and raffles donated by locals.

The night was well attended, and as always, the town folk seemed to enjoy the chance for a good meal, to visit and hang out. That night, 10 new members signed up.

Have you ever stopped to think where would we be without our Anza Community Hall? Over the next three months there will be a push for new membership. Remember the community owns the hall and membership gives you a vote on what happens with the community hall. Membership, swap meet, and hall rentals as well as fundraisers, pay for the running of it. So get involved and join. Call Taz at (714) 392-4069 for details or to join.

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