AEC seeks membership help with ConnectAnza petition

With the dedication of the first phase of the SunAnza Solar Array complete Aug. 19, Kevin Short, Anza Electric Cooperative general manager announced the co-op is looking to begin the second phase of the project by the end of the year.

At the same time, it was announced that AEC is proposing to build Phase 2 of the ConnectAnza fiber-to-the-premises to serve the communities of Pinyon, Mountain Center and Garner Valley with 50Mb/s fiber optic internet service.

The SunAnza dedication ceremony celebrated one of cooperatives goals to meet the states renewable energy goals while making future electric energy costs remain lower than other electric power agencies in Southern California. The first phase of the AEC’s solar energy project is now providing about 2 megawatts of additional daytime power to the members. The second phase will supply another 2 megawatts of daytime power to AEC members. Once completed SunAnza may provide the co-op with 14 percent of its daytime energy needs.

The SunAnza solar energy project, along with recently approved agreements with the Hoover Dam hydroelectric power plants and Arizona solar power projects, may also help the cooperative reach the state’s Renewable Energy goals to reach 20 percent renewable energy by 2020 and 33 percent by 2030, Short observed.

In announcing the planned second phase of ConnectAnza project, Short said the cost of the service for the new areas will remain at $49 per month.

He said the co-op has applied for a California Advanced Services Fund to start the second phase. The chance for success in gaining the CASF grant is very good, says short. Because the areas to be covered are considered priority areas by the grantor.

AEC officials are requesting its members go online to learn about a petition from members that will be presented with the Phase 2 application.

“When constructed we will finally have high speed, reliable and affordable internet service to our homes, businesses and institutions. Area anchor institutions such as Camp Ronald McDonald, the Girl Scouts Camp Schermer, Lake Hemet Campground, Hurkey Creek Campground and the UC Riverside Deep Canyon Research Facility will be served, as well as area fire stations and all residences,” report AEC officials.

This project has been supported by all area elected officials, as well as 93 percent of the area’s residents and businesses. See the ConnectAnza website at to learn more about the project and the requested petition details.

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