AEC SunAnza formal dedication set Aug. 19

Anza Electric Cooperative customers already receiving cost savings from the operation of the SunAnza solar project that went online in June will be able to attend the Aug. 19 dedication ceremonies and learn more about the project and what is coming in the future.

Expected to attend the dedication ceremony that begins 10 a.m. at the cooperative office on Highway 371 are AEC Arizona cooperative power officials, state and county representatives and others who made the SunAnza project possible.

Kevin Short, AEC general manager, said the 8,700 solar panels, now in operation in the property next to the headquarters office, are producing two megawatts of power during the day that saves the AEC more than $100,000 per year in supplied power costs. The cost savings are being passed on the customers thorough capital credits that reduce their bills during the year.

But more than that, the SunAnza project is also helping meet California’s Renewable Energy Plan to reach 33 percent of renewable power sources by 2020.

“With the SunAnza solar project we will be reaching about 5 percent of that goal,” Short said. He indicated that AEC’s tie-in massive Hoover solar program will bring AEC to nearly 25 percent of the state goal by the end of the year.

Even though AEC is not necessarily accountable to reach that codified 33 percent goal by 2020 according to Short, it will benefit the effort to reduce global warming. Many scientists believe that global warming is being caused by man-made “greenhouse gases.”

California, according to Gov. Brown, is the leading state in using renewable energy power, including hydroelectric that now totals approximately 29 percent.

Short indicated if it were not because of state’s effort to meet the renewable energy goal by 2020, the SunAnza project many not have become a reality. AEC obtained a sizeable grant to help build the SunAnza project, and the second phase will add event more solar energy to the cooperative.

There will be more information about the SunAnza project at the public dedication ceremony Saturday, Aug. 19.

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