Anza Area Trail Town committee becomes a nonprofit corporation

ANZA – Following an Anza Valley Municipal Advisory Council Meeting in August 2014, a group of residents from Anza and Aguanga joined together to form a committee with the purpose of finding ways to establish community trails in the Anza and Aguanga Area.

This group of like-minded people is working with the long-term vision of finding a way to design, create, construct and promote a more comprehensive and sustainable trail system that will enhance our area for residents and visitors alike. The all-volunteer committee has met six times a year since its formation in 2014 and has worked diligently. The work has not been easy and the committee has become well educated on the many nuances and obstacles for its vision to become feasible To date the committee has begun to map trails in the local area, attended meetings with Riverside County staff and other government officials on solutions to make community trails a reality, and the committee has attended meetings with local stakeholders and community members.

The volunteers determined their course of action for the community to take and make the vision a reality was to become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. So as of March 2017, the Anza Area Trail Town (AATT) incorporated and begins its job of making a comprehensive community trail system a reality in our area.

. If you walk, ride a horse or mountain bike on many of the local dirt roads you see magnificent views of Cahuilla, Thomas, and Beauty Mountains which embrace the Anza Valley. The newly incorporated nonprofit wants these views to be seen from common trails that will enhance the community’s leisure and pleasure. The Anza Area Trail Town intends to follow the 2006 plan which the Anza community worked diligently on known as Anza Vision and Goals. Its purpose is to enrich the community by creating community trails that enhance the areas rural lifestyle.

The purpose of the Anza Area Trail Town is as follows:

To support and conduct research in the area of a sustainable trail system in the mountain communities of Southwest Riverside County which includes; Anza, Aguanga, Sage, Garner Valley, Mountain Center, Terwilliger and other areas that are within this sphere of influence.

To design, create, construct, maintain, establish access points and to hold a sustainable trail system that will benefit all users.

To educate the residents, visitors and public of the trail system and how they can be preserved for generations to come.

To preserve the integrity of the trail system so they will not be lost to encroachment and/or development and to maintain continuity.

To encourage and educate local businesses, residents and developers of the benefit of a trail system and help them view the trails as an asset to the community.

To offer an experiential opportunity to commune with nature.

To become a supporting member of AATT please go to our website to download a membership form. For your convenience applications are also available at Overland Realty located on the corner of Hwy 371 and Bahrman Road in Anza. For questions please email or call Allison Renck at (951) 663-5452.

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  1. Harvey Mushman   July 4, 2017 at 9:03 pm

    How about Motorcycle and Offroad trails?

    The Older folks like to get out and many are too old to ride a horse or mountain bike but can still enjoy the trails on a ATV or side by side.


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