Anza Electric Cooperative hosts essay contest

ANZA – Every year, Anza Electric Cooperative holds a contest for local high school juniors to win a trip to our nation’s capital as part of the Washington Youth Tour (WYT) contest, and each year two lucky students are selected.

Maggie McGowan and Elly Paxton were selected as the winners with the two highest combined scores for their essays and their interviews.

For over 50 years, co-ops have sponsored the annual Washington Youth Tour. Electric cooperatives from across the country have sent tens of thousands of high school juniors to our nation’s capital to experience the spirit that is our nation.

This June will be no different as 1500 high school juniors from across the nation visit Washington D.C. for a week long experience like no other.

Students receive a history lesson not taught in any textbook. With visits to national museums and monuments, students will witness the cost of freedom as embodied in the graves of Arlington Cemetery and experience firsthand our government in action.

Visits to Congressional representatives along with multiple historical sites top off their weeklong visit and their rigid schedule.

What did you think your chances of winning the contest were?

Maggie: We have such a bright and talented junior class. I knew from the beginning it was going to be a tough competition.

Elly: I knew that I had the leadership and friendly personality that was needed to win, but never believed that I actually would! I feel so honored to have been chosen to represent the Anza Electric Cooperative.

What did you think was the toughest part of the contest (if any) and why?

Maggie: The toughest part was definitely the interview, but everyone was so nice. I’m glad I got this opportunity.

Elly: The toughest part of the contest was interview. It was so nerve wracking, but well worth it.

 What do you most want to experience or see and why?

Maggie: I definitely want to see the President memorials, such as the Lincoln or Jefferson. It will be amazing to be reminded of the principles that our country was founded on.

I would also like to thank the Anza Electric Cooperative for this amazing opportunity!

Elly: Through this trip, I hope to learn new things, meet interesting people, and gain another great experience in life. I am so thankful for this opportunity.

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