The Anza Phantom Artist’s latest artwork howls at the moon

The Anza Phantom Artist’s latest artwork howls at the moon. Phantom Artist photo
The Anza Phantom Artist’s latest artwork howls at the moon. Phantom Artist photo

The Anza Phantom Artist has done it again the AVO has an exclusive preview of the next Anza sign. It is not quite done yet; the finishing touches are being added and soon it will appear on the scene. Can you guess who this is for? Watch for its appearance along a local roadway soon.

If you have not heard, the reason the Phantom’s Anza signs have a rearing horse on them it is because he/she wanted to remember the herd of free roaming wild horses that once roamed in the southeastern part of the valley around Coyote Canyon Road were the Anza Borrego park lands roll up to meet us. Many remember them, though I believe sometime around 2003 they were removed to Montana then some were returned – not our horses but a small herd of wild horses. The past owner of the AVO Carl Long -who died in the fall of 2010, housed these horses and cared for them at his ranch for many years. They are in someone else’s care now, but none roam free like they use too.

A Random Act of Kindness

I was just thinking about how what the Anza Phantom Artist is doing for the community is an example of “A Random Act of Kindness.” I checked the Phantom’s Facebook site here and there and found two more signs have been placed; one for Hill Street up at the end of town and one down in Wilson Valley close to the dog training and boarding place, on Gene Road.

Graffiti strikes the VFW sign

I also saw a post made after the VFW sign had been vandalized with graffiti. The artist fixed it so fast I thought perhaps it would fuel the wrong kind of fire to publish the defaced photos of it so I never did.

Some words of wisdom from the Phantom

“First and foremost, I would like to thank you all again for putting up with my somewhat eccentric idea of anonymity. I really appreciate it. Someone recently asked ‘How long is this Phantom Artist thing going to play out?’ LOL. The answer is, as long as I possibly can!

“I do this mostly because it is so much fun to give and do this stuff without recognition. It blesses me. May I just say that Anza is a special place, mainly because of the people, (Yes, the trails are fantastic for horseback-riding, but the people are what make this place great).

“To the person or persons who vandalized the VFW sign, I just want to say a few things; First off, I want to say how very sorry I am about the loss of your family or friends, the people who died last April. You’re probably not reading this, and probably don’t care, but I am going to say a few things. Take your anger, your passion and your life, and turn it for the good. Give, don’t take. Be a light… It is never too late… Ever. God loves you just as much as He loves me or anyone else, and He is ready to forgive any of us. Can you imagine how awesome you would be if you would help people instead of hurt them? You just don’t know yet, that is the answer.

“The marks and damage you leave on others’ property are actually marking your own soul. Don’t care? You will.

“Our town recovers from vandalism. For every one person who vandalizes, there are fifty other givers who will promptly clean up, fix or replace anything you do. Every single time. Why? Because we will never be broken. We cannot be broken. ‘…Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world.” 1JN 4:4. So we just keep on plugging.

“Yeah, I wasn’t going to say anything, but it was me who immediately came to the stage at the park and painted over the graffiti with primer. And I or someone else will quietly and methodically do it every single time. For every sign you vandalize, every rock you tag, every property you break or steal, it will be repaired or replaced.

“Here’s a suggestion. Take your grievances to the people who actually have done you wrong, not someone else. Randomly hurting people will not ever help you. Randomly helping people will bless your soul more than you can ever imagine. I challenge you to try that.

“To the rest of people of Anza, keep doing what you do best!! If you see trash, pick it up. Graffiti – paint over it. Neighbor needs help? Help them. You guys ROCK.” -The Phantom

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