Anza Racing Mowers’ year end results

The year 2012 has been an exciting season for Anza Racing Mowers. They hosted their first national points race for the American Racing Mowers Association (ARMA), with group members winning coveted national point western division titles by year’s end.

The Anza Racing Mowers as a group are pretty young. Newly formed a few years back, they grew out of the local need to have a working racing chapter again. When the former group lost their track and their leadership due to complications, there had been no racing for a few years. This left many racers wondering and waiting.

Don Watson took the lead after finding a spot for a new track in back of Diner 371, and the Anza Racing Mowers was born. It has been a few years now and the group has really increased in size, winnings, showmanship, and fan base. It even has its own band cleverly named “Briggs and Stratton,” the brain child of local band manager Fatty of the Barn Yard Boyz, made up of area band members.

The band plays between racing heats entertaining the crowds as “Fatty” MC’s the race; the group resting atop the Barn Yard Boyz trailer and using their sound equipment. This has made the races much more fun and exciting. A testament to the home country cooperation you find here in Anza.

Anza is probably the only place you will see regular mower racing on a track just for that purpose in Southern California. More people came this year to witness mower racing in Anza than ever before in Anza’s history. Anza Racing Mowers this year have been traveling to more parades and national points races promoting the sport of mower racing in the west.

The last point race they traveled to was in Arizona. There they were the featured group at the Holbrook County Fair, drawing large crowds of locals. These locals now want to form a racing mower chapter of their own and race themselves. Seeing that Anza Mower Racers supped up mower’s win, they have offered to buy the local chapters machines to get started. So far Anza’s racers have humbly declined, pointing out the technology they used to modify their machines is easily found on the internet.

“Anza Racing Mowers had a very successful year, and would like to thank all our fans and supporters, with a special thanks to Diner 371 for their support! Our last race was Nov. 10, and trophies were awarded for ARMA National Points Series, Western Division. First race for next year hasn’t been set yet. Should be in April depending on weather,” said organizer Don Watson.

Known as the poor man’s NASCAR car, mower racing is a fully enjoyable sport, clean fun for the whole family, whether you want to race or just watch. To get involved you can contact Don Watson at (818) 384-2636 or email

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