Anza’s DQ celebrates 10 years

Ten years ago the economy was growing, the building industry in the valley was going strong and it was right before the property boom in California. The Garrisons had a dream for Anza and in September of 2002 they saw that dream fulfilled.

“Dairy Queen in Anza was built because we had a dream of creating a good, safe, environment for kids to have an opportunity to have a job. To learn about team work, friendship, work ethics, time management, even cleaning toilets and much more. It is about letting kids know that there are opportunities out there, you have to just start somewhere and it’s all about the choices we make. “I can only speak for myself but I have created many incredible relationships out of the employees, sales people, and customers at DQ over the years and I do miss it. But I am very happy that the new owners are amazing people, who truly care about this community and taking care of their people. It was a blessing to pass it on to them. I wish them great success.” Robyn Garrison

For a small town having a nationally recognized food chain like DQ was a big deal. It was also Anza’s first drive-thru that was open late for a blessing for the afterhour’s munchies or the traveler driving thru. It has been the first job for many and has always kept close ties with the community. Through rough economic change Anza’s DQ has held its ground. Last fall the Garrisons sold DQ to Neil Brophy and his family, who is committed to growing his own ties to the community; which he has successfully done.

“We are excited that DQ is still here after 10 years. We want to thank the community for their support, we appreciate it. We just want to be a part of the community and all the local causes. Our main fundraising focus this year is the High Country Boys & Girls Club, the schools-the Frequent Read Program, and High Country Recreation come spring. We have good kids here in Anza and we need to support them.”-Neal Brophy Owner of Anza‘s DQ

In honor of Anza DQ’s 10th Anniversary, the Brophy family is throwing a party, Sept 22nd, from 2-6 pm and the community is invited. There will be jumpers, games, prizes, and a concert by the Barn Yard Boyz. The Brophys are also combining a fundraiser for the High Country Boys & Girls Club in three ways.

1) The DQ will donate 10% of it’s earnings the day of the party to them.

2) A donation box will be out throughout the month.

3) A drawing to win “A meal and a treat a week for a year” will be held. That is 52 meals and treats! Tickets are on sale now and a drawing will be held the day of the party-no need to be present to win.

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