AVC’s “Rockin’ Royal Christmas with the King” was a hit

AVC’s “Rockin’ Royal Christmas with the King” cast sang nine songs with choreographed hand gestures during the play presented Dec. 17. Courtesy photo
AVC’s “Rockin’ Royal Christmas with the King” cast sang nine songs with choreographed hand gestures during the play presented Dec. 17. Courtesy photo

The Anza Valley Christian School packed the house Dec. 17, with their annual presentation of “Rockin’ Royal Christmas with the King.”

The play was full of familiar first Christmas characters with a twist as Sherlock Holmes was investigating why the wise men never came back to Jerusalem. In the process, he learns about the Christ child as the play climaxes to the end when Sherlock Holmes accepts Jesus Christ as the Savior, as the song ‘I have decided to follow Jesus’ plays in the background which was also being signed by Rachel Clegg.

One of the highlights of the play where the youngsters who played the sheep. Just like sheep, they were a bit unruly which brought about a lot of laughter from the crowd. Also, there were nine songs the children had learned hand gestures and sign language to.

Julie Nevills, a former teacher at the school, was the play’s director. She and her husband Mat have recently returned after four years away in college in Kentucky and are now the new pastors of the Anza Baptist Church. The play marks the eighth play she has directed at AVC and the school’s 12th. Nevills said she is looking forward the next year’s, adding that students began working hard on the play back in September.

AVC Senior Malana Dodd was totally in charge of the sound and lighting this year and everything went off without one hitch, Nevills said.

In addition to the presentation of “Rockin’ Royal Christmas with the King,” a meal prepared by the Upper Learning Center children was served before the play.

A professional DVD was made of dress reversals and the night of the play that is for sale for $10. All proceeds from the sales from the dinner and the DVD will go to help the Upper Learning Center children go to the Christian Education Convention in the spring to help enrich their learning experience.

To purchase a DVD call or stop by Anza Baptist Church where AVC is located at 39200 Rolling Hills Road, Anza CA 92539 or call 951 763-4937.

Cast of Characters…

(In Order of Appearance)

Storyteller-Rachel Clegg

Herod-Benjamin Clegg

Sherlock Watson-Aiden Heredia

Librarian-Brandi Marcus

Shepherd 1-Josette Heredia

Shepherd 2-Christian Medina

Shepherd 3-Alex Lopez

Angel 1-Sadie Dinnyes

Angel 2-Victoria Chacon

Angel 3-Miley Bischof

Wiseman 1-Andrew Jung

Wiseman 2-Christian Medina

Wiseman 3-David Geissler

Vinny (Innkeeper)- Alex Lopez

Innkeeper’s Wife-Josette Heredia


Luke 2:7-8 Brent Edwards

Luke 2:10 Isabella Hackett

Luke 2:11-Ralph Schueler

The Shepherd his Flock & an Angel were played by the K-4 – First-Grade Students

Shepherd-Adan Lopez

Sheep 1-Miranda Bischof

Sheep 2-Esther Jung

Sheep 3-Esteban Lopez

Sheep 4-Kalyn Silva

Sheep 5-Seven Zhang

Littlest Angel-Kaliann Babcock

Order of Songs…

(Soloists in Italics)

A Rockin’ Royal Christmas with the King!

Bring them to Me

Rachel Clegg, Benjamin Clegg & Aiden Heredia

Take a Look Inside

Alex Lopez, Brandi Marcus, Andrew Jung & Aiden Heredia

Unforgettable, Incredible Not So Silent Night!

Josette Heredia, Christian Medina & Alex Lopez

When the Little Baby Boy Was Born

Sadie Dinnyes & Victoria Chacon

A Wiseman’s Life for Me!

Miley Bischof

If I Knew Then

Josette Heredia, Alex Lopez & Victoria Chacon

A Higher Calling to a Higher King

Rachel Clegg, Brandi Marcus & Aiden Heredia

A Rockin’ Royal Christmas with the King!

Behind The Scenes…

Sound & Lights-Malana Dodd

Filming-Joel Fisher

Director-Julie Nevills

Costumes-Betty O’Hanlon

Dinner-Cindy Watson and The Upper Learning Center

A Special Thanks To…

“Thank you to all the teachers and volunteers of Anza Valley Christian School who have helped with ensuring that the students learn their lines and the words to the songs. Thank you to all the parents who have also helped their children learn their parts for the play. Most of all we thank our Lord for sending His Son to be born, live a perfect life and then die on a cross receiving the punishment for our sin. Now all those who accept His gift of Salvation may be called the children of the Lord.”- Julie Nevills

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