AVPORT: Paul Pedtke on the Volunteer Program – Jan. 6th meeting continued

“We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately” – Benjamin Franklin.

Paul Pedtke new to the Anza community and a director of AVPORT addresses the crowd Jan. 6, “Good afternoon, pleasure to see everyone today. My wife and I just moved to Anza in March, and we feel very welcomed.

“I apologize to anyone who was forgotten, and remind us if we did. (Speaking of the AVPORT Appreciation Certificates just handed out to several citizens and businesses, which have embraced AVPORT’s motto ‘Citizens Helping Citizens.’) , I am also a construction manager and deal with projects and with different governments

“Mike was very kind (speaking of his introduction), he mentioned that I am an architect, I am also a construction manager and deal with projects and with different governments. I guess I was shocked to hear the things that were going on (concerning Code Enforcement abuse). I was doubly shocked by the types of people that were being hurt by the government, people who can’t find the resources to deal with the problems themselves. Initially the thought that came to me was to organize a volunteer work type program.”

So he did; he joined AVPORT as a director and went to work right away to organize a group of volunteers to help clean properties for those in needs.

Paul continued, “The situation right now with the Volunteer Program is that we want to organize the ‘citizens assisting citizens’ concept with direct help. It is an idea that we are going to create lists of all volunteers, so we don’t double up on anybody. We want to be able to permeate throughout the community. We will organize this as an attempt to help those who do not have the resources to contract labor, to help those who can’t really do it on their own, whether it is because they don’t have a network of friends/ family or are unable physically to do the work themselves.

“You will be seeing some of us (from AVPORT) coming around to your groups; we will be appealing to you. One of the benefits of volunteerism is that we do not have to rely on the government swooping in to help us, (getting into our business and becoming reliant upon them) which is not happening very much anyways in this economy. So this is one way to really get things done without relying on somebody else.

“It’s going to take people willing to step up, wanting to help and participate with the community. After all what choice do we have right now? If we’re going to help people stay in their homes, and avoid fines, we will have to take care of our own. This will strengthen our relationships in our community service involvement. This will be creating a spirit of neighbor’s getting to know each other. This isn’t the first time there was an idea to have a work corps, seems to me there was another one during desperate times, the CCC. (The CCC the Civilian Conservation Corp. was formed in 1933-1943 during the Great Depression,” said Paul Pedtke.

If you would like to be involved in the AVPORT Volunteer Program please call AVPORT at

(951) 389-4884 or email AVPORT at


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