For Barbara Bradford at 94 plus, making new friends is always a way of life

Visiting, multi-artistic friend Brain Wizard and local treasure Barbara Bradford. Courtesy photo
Visiting, multi-artistic friend Brain Wizard and local treasure Barbara Bradford. Courtesy photo

Barbara Bradford, who is a big part of the area’s history at 94 plus years’ young, is definitely someone to look up to. A simple Google search shows her ties to the area and a glimpse into her interesting life.

She has a zest for life that does not stop. She is still out there in life making friends and being involved in whatever way she sees fit. Raising pomegranates, being in the Anza Days Parade, being involved in the Anza Electric Co-op, being a part of their dedications of their various energy endeavors and so much more.

Barbara’s husband Bill Bradford, along with Rupert Costo, came up with the idea to electrify the area back in the 1950s. Barbara’s account of this written history can be found online at the under history.

A part of Barbara’s life was spent with her father up at a fire lookout tower on Red Mountain during World War II, an experience that is always been near and dear to her heart. Because of this she keeps up with Fire Tower News. In one publication, she found an advertisement for a DVD made by Brain Wizard who restored and privately owns and operates a fire tower in the wild woods near Wallowa, Oregon. His DVD is called “Therapy-Life at Tope Creek Lookout.” It covers the process of restoring and remodeling over the last 10 years along with him creating his art, working in the tower and more.

Interested, she contacted Wizard and bought his DVD and they’ve been texting back and forth ever since. Barbara, also an accomplished author in her own right, admired Wizard’s, a Vietnam vet, many accomplishments. He is in the cut, the kind of guy who deals in many artistic moods. He has made documentary films, written several books fiction and nonfiction is the musician in a wildlife photographer just to name a few. His books and films have won several awards. His helmet he wore in Vietnam is displayed in the Smithsonian. He also found, procured and donated a smoke generator to help the Smithsonian Museum to properly outfit the Huey Helio Smokeship they were putting on display.

Wizard has visited before and states that Barbara’s is a good place to stop and rest on his travels in So. Cal, while promoting his new science fiction novel ‘Quir-bots’ from Quartzside, Arizona, to San Diego. The friends enjoy playing cribbage, hanging out and visiting their favorite spots in the area.

You can learn more about Barbara’s visitor at his website

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