Black Buffalo visits Cahuilla Native Lighthouse

Friday, Nov. 2, was one morning when Native people of different tribes and non-native people gathered to celebrate and give thanks to the Creator – The Great Spirit-Father God.

Cahuilla Native Lighthouse Ministries offers this opportunity once a month on the first Saturday of the month at 10 a.m. at the Cahuilla Tribal Hall. They offer good food, worship, and learning of spiritual ways. One of the goals of the Cahuilla Native Lighthouse Ministries is to encourage Native Americans and non-natives of faith to gather. They also aim to provide a place that they can join in on worship and spiritual growth together, a place where they can enjoy the Native way, understanding that God loves the unique differences found in all His children.

The Native worship was lead by Glenn of the Hopi tribe and his wife Shelly. Flute, rattles, guitar and drums led the music and was rhythmic and moving, stirring the spirit to rise up in praise to the heavens. Time passed and no one wanted the music to stop but Black Buffalo was to speak. He had shared some before the worship team had arrived and everyone was excited to hear him finish what he had to say.

Born poor, Ray Wilson, Black Buffalo, had seen many miracles of God’s provision in his life time. His father was of the Washington state Yakama tribe and his mother, a farmer’s daughter, fell in love and fell on tough times. Ray’s father had gone blind in an accident and could no longer provide for his family and this profoundly changed young Ray’s world.

Friends had prompted and then insisted Ray’s father should go see a visiting healer, Dr. Prince, who they had witnessed laying hand on the sick and infirmed with amazing results. He finally relented and went. Dr. Prince laid his hands over his eyes and prayed, he opened his eyes and things were a blur, then clear; he was healed!

Able to work now, the family would travel to wherever the work was. Mostly seeking construction jobs, the Wilson’s often found themselves in parts of southern California. Roy grew a lot in his sixth year while living in Walteria, a small town near Torrance in California. It was there that he learned many skills that would serve him well in life and it was in a church that he gave his heart and life to His Lord and Savior. He has put his faith and trust in him, serving Him ever since.

Now in his 80s, Ray Wilson-Black Buffalo has many more stories to tell. He shared that he was a Veteran of World War II, he had applied for war correspondent but because so many news reporters already had the job, he entered the war as the correspondent’s assistant.

It did not matter to him as he puts it, “I love to write and I love to tell stories, I was never sorry that I served in that war. When I came out, I was invited to be an investigative reporter for the LA Times, not a coffee getting cub reporter at the entry level, but a full-fledged investigative reporter.”

This was a big deal being he had not gone to college or taken journalism before he went to war. He also shared about the time he was called to visit the Regan White House and serve on his security counsel. He was in awe of all God had done in his life considering his humble beginnings. He had been around the world, met presidents, kings and queens.

Black Buffalo loves to tell stories, particularly to children, many portions of his ministry revolve around children. Psalms 127: 3-5 has inspired him, it says that children are heritage from the Lord

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  1. julie rief   September 22, 2014 at 10:19 pm

    Black Buffalo came to our church in So California several times in the 80’s. He is a marvelous preacher and a wonderful person. A true Christlike inspiration. Several in our church were so moved that they volunteered at Black Buffalo’s collection and sorting center, traveled with him to volunteer to help indians deep in Mexico and made many donations, including a dozen needed hospital beds for a reservation hospital . I can’t say enough about this man and his message.


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