Boy Scouts, chili cook off, and Halloween fun

The Boy Scouts hosted a chili cook-off and costume contest, held games and “trunker treated” at the Mormon church last week. Parents came dressed to kill along with the kids. The chili and corn bread flowed. In the end there were three winners, the best all around chili, the hottest and the sweetest.

The sweetest was very interesting made by mother of 10, Ann Gilmore, the sweetest was provided by the use of pumpkins in the chili. Pastor Bill Langill of BCCF dressed like the swamp monster and two young Mormon missionaries judged the chili cook off.

After everyone ate their fill, it was off to play some games and win some candy. The night grew cold enough to remind the hands and feet that it was truly fall. While the kids played games the parents opened their decorated back trunk areas filled with candy and waited. The kids, now primed and ready after the games, began to visit the festive autos which lined the parking lot. To top off the night there was a hay ride around the parking lot and across the farm field road. The kid’s costumes were very inventive and fun.

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