Bring your really tame chicken out to Anza Days to try Chicken Agility

ANZA – Attention all Anza and Aguanga chicken owners! Want to try something fun! Come on out July 2, to Anza Days at Minor Park and you will have the opportunity to participate in the first High Country 4-H Chicken Agility Contest.

You and your chicken could “crow” to all of your friends and family that you are the supreme Anza Days Champion Agility Chicken! Imagine the prestige you would acquire in the local community. You could even surpass the notoriety of our past mayor Opie the goat! In fact, you will probably get your picture in the local newspapers and even become an Anza Bulletin Board Icon. Who knows there may even be out of town media there to interview you to find out your secret to success.

Now you may wonder, what in the world is Chicken Agility? Chicken Agility is a non-Olympic sport for those of you that have a tame, easy to handle chicken, which you’d like to bring out in public to try the table top agility course.

If you have never seen this event, watch one of these three U-tube Videos to learn more about Chicken agility, and

Once you have watched these videos you can determine for yourself if you are up to the challenge!

High County 4-H Members will be there to coach you and answer any questions before the parade, and the contest itself will begin right after the parade.

Remember you and your chicken are entering this contest at your own risk, some of the obstacles may be very advanced and chickens have been known to become overstimulated and fly off the handle. So handlers need to be very overprotective of their birds in the event of a fly off the handle incident.

High Country 4-H is using this event to help raise funds to buy supplies to build their own chicken agility obstacles. A donation of $1 to run the obstacles is requested. At this event they are using the Murrieta Mustangs 4-H Club chicken agility obstacles.

For more information on this contest contact 4-H members Oliver or Arthur Secules or their mother Amber at (951) 763-4244, or email her at

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