California Department of Transportation provides featured speakers at Anza Valley Municipal Advisory Council meeting, Nov. 8

ANZA – Representatives from Caltrans will be in Anza 7 p.m. Nov. 8 to attend the Anza Valley Municipal Advisory Council meeting held at the Anza Community Hall to give updates on California state highways and projects that are in the works that may affect local traffic. The representatives will give updates and answer questions about state Route 371, state Route 79 and state Route 74.

One of the representatives will be Terri Kasinga, the chief of public and media affairs for the California Department of Transportation or Caltrans in District 8, which encompasses Riverside and San Bernardino counties. She has more than 27 years of state service, with 26 years of service to Caltrans District 8. As chief of public and media affairs, Kasinga oversees the public affairs staff as they represent the department providing information and service to the public, media, local officials and other agencies. The public affairs department is also responsible for video production and 24-hour social media coverage for the district. She and her staff act as liaisons on behalf of Caltrans during major incidents such as fires, flooding, major storms and accidents at the Caltrans Emergency Operations Center.

Another representative will be Laura Espinoza, the sustainability, asset, innovation manager for Caltrans in District 8. Espinoza started her career with Caltrans in the District 11, San Diego office, in 1991 after earning a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering from San Diego State University. She moved to District 8 in September 2017. As sustainability, asset, innovation manager, Espinoza’s responsibilities include implementing Caltrans’ Strategic Management Plan’s Sustainability, Livability and Economy goals and developing and implementing the District’s Asset Management and Innovation Plans.

The AVMAC meeting is held every other month, and the council seeks input from the community on subjects that they believe need to be address by local government officials. To submit a subject for discussion, contact the council online at

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