Community enjoys ‘Movies in the Park’ presented by the Anza Civic Improvement League

Moviegoers enjoyed the film “Hidden Figures” at the Anza Civic Improvement League’s “Movies in the Park” Friday, July 28. Patrick Vesey photo

The Anza Civic Improvement League presented “Movies in the Park” Friday, July 28, in Minor Park. The event was well-attended by the community.

The featured drama, “Hidden Figures,” was preceded by about 20 minutes of cartoons for the little ones, beginning after dark. Free popcorn was supplied, much to the delight of movie goers.

Local resident Liese Carney was impressed.

“It was nice,” she said. “Great idea!”

People could be heard laughing, crunching popcorn, commenting on the movie and just plain enjoying themselves. Children played on the playground while the adults were engrossed in the show.

“Great picture quality and sound,” resident Patrick Vesey said. Everyone was in agreement.

“Movies in the Park” will be presented every Friday evening through Sept. 29, with G-rated children’s movies featured every other week, beginning Aug. 4. Other films will be PG-rated adult dramas, action flicks and comedies.

“Next week is kid’s night with a hit children’s classic movie,” ACIL board member Bud Elmore said. “Fresh popcorn is always free.”

The Anza Electric Cooperative donated funding for the projection equipment. Jeff Vollmer of Gehl Electric contributed additional equipment to ensure a great picture and quality sound, and he installed speakers and wiring. ACIL board member Bud Elmore designed and built a gig box to safely contain the projection setup.

ACIL would like to extend special thanks to Andrew Carey, Jason Lundburg, Charles Caldwell, Michael Meyers and Johnathan Schmidt for helping paint the screen, tidy up the band shell and the park before the event.

The upcoming “Movie in the Park” events promise to be even better.

“You don’t want to miss this one,” Elmore said.

For more information about upcoming ACIL events, contact Bud Elmore at (951) 581-4409 or Ken Ogren at (619) 417-0125.

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